Is this really a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated?

There is a study about to be published that followed over 300,000 unvaccinated people from September 2021 to February 2022.  Within the larger group was a group of 18,500 people from 175 countries that agreed to fill out detailed monthly health surveys.  The study has some remarkable findings.  Unvaccinated people had fewer severe cases and required less hospitalization than vaccinated people.

This study is incredibly at odds with most published government data but I find it compelling because it matches more closely to my own personal observations.  It is dangerous to extrapolate from personal observations because COVID affects millions of people in every country.  My own observations are based on the relatively small group of people I come in contact with in a limited geographic area.  Still it has always bothered me that the government data never seemed to coincide with my own experience.  To me there were always 2 big disconnects.

  1. The risk to vaccinated people.

The vaccines have never prevented infection or transmission.  When it became impossible to hide that fact, the mantra became the jabs prevent severe infection and hospitalization.  Even that was a stretch because hospitals were full of vaccinated people.  Still according to the government unvaccinated people were hospitalized at a much higher rate that vaccinated.  This was the proof the government always presented to support their vaccine mandates.

In my own sphere I did not see this.  I know vaccinated and unvaccinated people who have had COVID.  None of them had severe COVID and none of them were hospitalized.  It is easy to say that vaccinated people don’t get severe COVID when even unvaccinated people don’t get severe COVID.  I do know an older couple, one spouse was unvaccinated while the other was partially vaccinated.  When they eventually got COVID it was more difficult for the partially vaccinated Spouse to shake it but neither of them were hospitalized despite both being octogenarians.

  1. The number of people who are actually vaccinated.

According to the Alberta Government vaccination rates for working age Albertans range from 80 to 95% depending on the age group.  The average is 90%, so why do I know so many unvaccinated people?  In a recent post I discussed a lunch conversation I had with 2 people I had just met.  I met my lunch companions through work and none of us were vaccinated.  The previous day there was a 4th person with us who is also unvaccinated.  If 90% are vaccinated I should almost always be the only unvaccinated person in the room yet that is almost never the case.  The odds of a group of 4 all being unvaccinated is less than 1%.

Why is my circle of contacts such a statistical anomaly?  The obvious answer is that the government is exaggerating the number of people who are vaccinated.  I do know more vaccinated than unvaccinated but the ratio is not 90%.  If that ratio is 80% it is still a very high vaccination rate but it has a profound effect on the math.  The numbers would show that unvaccinated people were hospitalized less often; exactly what the study showed.

The problem is that government is stocked with habitual liars and they control the data and therefore the narrative.  I do not trust the numbers because I do not trust the government and I cannot square the numbers with my own observations.  Sorry I refuse to believe I am looking at a cat when clearly it is a dog in front of me.  I don’t think we can be certain on the exact numbers but we can be certain of this.  If you are not an ill senior COVID is not much of a problem.  Ill seniors make up a very small percentage of our society so we never should have adopted measures that adversely affected everyone.  We also should not have forced people to take an experimental treatment for a virus that for almost always results in a mild disease.

The smart play would have been to protect ill seniors while we let young healthy people get exposed.  Had we done this COVID would have been over now.  We did not, however, do the smart thing.  Instead we listened to government, something that is never the smart choice.  Do you really think that Jason Kenney, Doug Ford, and Justin Trudeau were the top students in science class?  Why would you take science advice from simpletons who obviously failed science?