It is easy to Fool Those who want to be Fooled

The Alberta government is stoking hatred against unvaccinated people.  They have financed an advertising campaign insinuating medical procedures are being postponed because the hospitals are full of unvaccinated COVID patients.  A few days ago I asked why we even bother admitting COVID patients.  Doctors are not allowed to treat COVID patients in Alberta.  Why do you fill hospitals with patients you are not treating?

So is the government creating a capacity problem just to blame the unvaccinated?  The answer to that question is on their own website.  First let’s start with this plot on the vaccine outcome page.

This proves the government’s argument right?  65% of COVID patients in the hospital are unvaccinated.  This has got to be a problem right?  If 100% of the people in hospital are COVID patients the answer would be yes.  So how much capacity is used for COVID patients?  Here is hospital capacity.

Only 8.3% of non ICU beds are occupied by COVID patients, 65% are unvaccinated.  Unvaccinated people are clogging the hospitals by occupying 5.4% of the available beds?  Why the hell are we cancelling surgeries?  Even this number does not tell the whole story.  Researchers have already determined that the #1 source of infections are institutions; senior’s homes and hospitals.  A significant fraction of the 5.4 % were likely infected after they were admitted to the hospital.

The truth is in the numbers and the truth is no capacity problem exists.  Once again reality would not cooperate so the government has settled for creating the perception of a problem.  Unfortunately Jason Kenney knows that for COVID Zombies perception is reality.  He knows he can lie and get away with it.  The COVID Zombies will never check the data.