It is Time for Canadian Men to be Men

Canadian Men used to be fierce warriors.  A Canadian General in WW1, Arthur Currie, is recognized as the father of modern warfare.  In WW2 the Germans tracked the locations of Canadian Troops because they knew most attacks started with Canadians in the first wave.  That was then this is now.  Canadian men are now cowards.

A recent poll shows the highest support for vaccinating children is males ages 55 and over.  I may fall in that demographic but I do not agree with those feckless cowards.  This might seem old fashioned but I still believe that men have a responsibility to protect those more vulnerable.  This never used to be controversial in Canada.  Canadian men twice went to Europe to defend people they did not even know.  Now they won’t even defend their own children and grandchildren.

I am sure these cowards rationalize this by convincing themselves the vaccines are protecting children.  Anyone using this argument is willfully ignorant.  Children do not need to be vaccinated against a disease that does not affect them.  What is next?  Do we force children to take the shingles vaccine?  Men supporting vaccinating children are not thinking about the child’s safety.  They are driven by their own self-interest.  They think their own safety and rights will be restored if we force vaccinate everyone including children.  I don’t know how you can be more selfish.

Canadian men who support the regulations and vaccine mandates need to know what they are doing to children.

What will you say when this happens to your Grandchild?  Will you look your child in the eye and tell them that the death of their child has made everyone safer?

What about children that do not die, but are left unable to succeed in life?  This study shows that children born during the “pandemic” have dramatically reduced IQ from lack of social interaction caused by government restrictions.

Babies born during the pandemic have an average IQ of 78.  The US military will not accept recruits with an IQ below 85 because they find them too difficult to train.  It is incredibly difficult to function in a modern society with an IQ this low.  These babies will have a difficult time succeeding in life.  The government did this to them and we let it happen.  The damage caused by our governments will be felt for a very long time.

Government’s capacity to do harm is limitless.  Governments Kill indiscriminately.  They do not care whether they kill seniors, babies or futures.  As Elon Musk points out governments have a virtual monopoly on violence.  It is up to free men to curb the homicidal tendencies of government by standing up and saying no.  It is time for Canadian men to grow a pair.


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  1. Dale
    Dale says:

    I’ve been to many protests and rallies over the last year. First thing I noticed was the number of women attending. Plus they are better informed and more vocal and active at these protests. Where are all the men? These events are usually on weekends so they can’t use work as an excuse. My guess is laying on the sofa staring at the screen. Instead of covid booster shots many need testosterone booster shots.

  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    I agree Dale. I am not afraid to say this publicly – whenever anyone wants to arm up and go fight for our rights I will be right beside you fully loaded and ready. It won’t be a long battle because most of those we will battle don’t even know what gender they are.


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