It is Time to Grow Up and Acknowledge Reality

I linked this article yesterday while discussing the absolute incompetence of one of the highest government bureaucrats in Alberta.

Alberta’s COVID-19 cases dropping, but restrictions could stay longer if rules ignored | Edmonton Journal

I want to go back to this article because there is more to discuss than Deena’s inability to count and the media’s willingness to accept false information.

To me the headline explains why we are in such a mess.  A Government bureaucrat who cannot count is threatening more punishment if we don’t behave.  On its own that is bad enough but the real problem is our acceptance.  The public school system, media, and government have conditioned us to believe that everything the government says is true.

I am not talking about the threats because we have seen more than once how willing the government is to follow through on threats to destroy our lives.  The threats are most definitely true.  I am talking about our willingness to believe the rules made any difference.  Despite the contradictions and illogic of the rules the vast majority of the population believes the rules are keeping them safe.  If you don’t believe me pick up any newspaper and check the letters to the editor.  The section is full of angry letters imploring the government to punish anyone questioning the rules.

These useful idiots are the product of a system that specializes in producing useful idiots.  This army of useful idiots emboldens governments to change rules on a whim and punish those who question.  A member of the Edmonton Police Service just lost her job for thought crimes.  She was deemed a dangerous right wing conspiracy theorist.  One of her crimes was questioning the covid rules.

In March a group of “experts” came forward with 2 incredible claims.  Covid-19 was a great plague that would decimate the planet and the only way to stop it was to destroy the world’s economy.  In a sane world anyone making incredible claims would have to come forward with incredible evidence.  In our society that does not happen anymore.  We could not wait to shut down our economies and destroy lives to show how caring we were.

It is really unfortunate that we did not ask a few simple questions of the Charlatans making these incredible claims.  The following simple question and answer session would have saved us a lot of misery.

  • Viral events are common. Viral events on the scale that you are alleging are quite rare.  How do we know that this is one of those rare events rather than just a common one?
  • Our computer models tell us it is.
  • How did you model the behavior of a virus that we have only just discovered?
  • We didn’t really, we modified a model that we used for hoof and Mouth disease.
  • How well did the model work for hoof and mouth?
  • Not well it way over predicted the number of cases and deaths.
  • Lockdowns have never been used before to stem a viral outbreak. Where did you get the idea for lockdowns from?
  • A high School science project.
  • Seriously?
  • She was a very bright student.
  • Does anyone other than this very bright high school student like the idea of lockdowns?
  • It is very popular with the communist party of China.

Why was there not a single person working in government, elected or otherwise, that was willing to ask these questions?  Could it be they had other reasons for implementing the rules?

The default position since March has been that the rules work.  Not once has anyone demanded that the government show evidence that they worked.  Now in Alberta we are told the restrictions can be eased because infections are falling.  Is it impolite to point out that infections were already falling 10 days before the rules came in to affect?

Worse yet is the carrot and stick approach governments have been using.  Government is quick to point out we can only get our rights back if we display strict adherence to the rules.  When they say rules they really mean government.  So we can have our rights back except the right to disagree with government.

Nowhere in the world have lockdowns or restriction had any measurable effect.  Even the media is starting to notice.

That is the most important point of this whole mess.  Let’s pretend for a minute that covid 19 is the great plague the government says it is.  I know the number don’t support that but indulge me for a minute.  The evidence says that you cannot stem the tide of this great plague by hiding in your basement.  That might be an effective strategy to become the president of the United States but it is completely ineffectual against an airborne virus.  We are not saving anyone from the virus but we are destroying lives in other ways, so why do we persist?

The point is not how virulent or deadly the virus might be.  The point is we cannot do anything about it.  I know this will be difficult for all of the snow flakes and virtue signalers, but we need to grow up.  Our Covid response is making this worse not better.  We need to start behaving like rational adults and just get on with life.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Just think how bad it will get when the generation that grew up watching Teletubbies and The Wiggles become our government leaders.

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