It is Time to shatter Myths.

It was always a myth that the COVID vaccines would prevent infection.  By their design it is impossible for them to prevent infection, something I pointed out on this blog over 1 year ago.  There was never any evidence that the Jabs prevented infection and now jabbed and double boosted people are getting COVID multiple times.  The evidence dispelling the myth is overwhelming yet people and politicians still cling to the myth.


Such is the power of myths; myths don’t need facts to survive they just need repetition and a few people in the right places willing to lie.  Unfortunately it is not difficult to find people willing to lie in support of myths because myths can be very financially lucrative.  The truth can survive on its own but lies grow best when fertilized with cash.  The myths that government cultivate all come attached to buckets of cash.  Cash that is taken from you and given to people that lie to you.

COVID is not the only government myth with profit.  The idea that the planet will warm uncontrollably due to human CO2 emissions is also a myth.  A powerful myth that has lasted nearly 4 decades despite having no evidence to support it.  Just as the science says COVID jabs cannot prevent infection it also says that CO2 cannot cause much warming.  CO2 is not a very potent greenhouse gas simply because there is a limited amount of energy that it can absorb.  Doubling the atmospheric CO2 concentration will cause less than 1 degree Celsius of warming.  It will also nearly double crop yields.  If you want to use less fertilizer put more CO2 in the atmosphere.

1 degree of warming will be highly beneficial to humans, history shows a warm planet is better for civilization than a cold planet.  Doubling crop yields would be enormously beneficial to humans.  Why are we so fearful of CO2 when the science says that it is beneficial?  We are fearful because of the myth; the myth is that CO2 may not be dangerous on its own but it will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

The climate change alarmists have a theory that the 1 degree of warming caused by the CO2 will cause more water to evaporate.  Water vapor is a more potent greenhouse gas able to absorb far more energy than CO2.  It is the water vapor in their models that causes all of the warming.  According to the theory the warming is not caused directly by the CO2.  The CO2 just starts the ball rolling.  The warming is amplified by positive feedback from water vapor.  There is just one glaring problem with this theory. There is absolutely no evidence that this positive feedback loop exists.

When climate alarmists show the history of CO2 concentrations they only show the recent history where CO2 has been rising.  The recent rise looks alarming until it is put in historically perspective.  The truth is that CO2 concentrations are still near historic lows.  The recent rise is so small that you can’t even notice it when graphed with the whole history.

For most of earth’s history CO2 levels were much higher than they are now.  The earth has gone through ice ages when CO2 was 10 times what it is now.  If the positive feedback loop from water did not exist then why do we think it exists now?

The reality is that positive feedback loops are rare in nature.  If they were not, the earth would be chaotically unstable and would have destroyed itself long ago.  Most feedback loops in nature tend to be negative.  Mother Nature always strives for a balance.  Any theory proposing a positive feedback loop should have been met with skepticism. But anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming is not science it is a myth.  Myths don’t need facts they just need repetition.


Apparently every place on earth is warming faster than the earth.  Somehow the whole is less than the sum of the parts.  This is ridiculous but the myth must be maintained because this myth is also very financially lucrative.  Elon Musk had become the richest many on earth on the back of this myth.  If you think you are saving the planet by purchasing a tesla you are mistaken.  All you are doing is making a very rich man even wealthier.

The Chinese communists have also profited handsomely from this myth.  They have made trillions selling solar panels and windmills to western countries.  The Chinese don’t use any of this technology themselves because they are not as stupid as their customers.  China has used their global warming profits to build the largest military in the world.  We are now outgunned by our enemies because we paid for their guns.  It is hard to be more stupid than western society is right now.

COVID and Climate change are 2 myths perpetuated by government, to benefit government and their friends.  There is another myth that governments like the Trudeau government propagate and lean heavily on.  The myth is that government holds all the power therefor everyone must acquiesce to the dictates of government.  Government power is a myth.  The government only has the power that we give them.  The sooner we shatter this myth the better.

Canadians watched in alarm when Trudeau unleashed his thugs on the freedom convoy.  The reality is that it only happened because we let it happen.  If 1 million Canadians had descended on Ottawa Trudeau would have been powerless.  He does not have enough thugs wearing police uniforms.  The police would have had no choice but to stand down and watch.

No country has enough police and military to control the people if enough people stand up and say no.  Canada has 100,000 in the military and 70,000 police officers.  In this case the whole is not equal to the sum of the parts because some police officers are in the military reserve so total police and military is less than 170,000.  There are over 38 million Canadians.  We outnumber the government enforcers by a margin of 223 to 1.  The real power is in our numbers, something the Dutch are finally realizing.

The armed thugs are brave until the crowd pushes back.  It is time for people everywhere to push back.