Ivermectin Threatens the Emergency Authorizations

The UK has finally admitted that heart inflammation is a Vaccine side effect.  See the bottom of their recently published list.

While they have admitted it is a problem, they downplay the risk.  It is listed below Rare with comments that they cannot estimate the prevalence from the data.  The intent of course is to make you believe that it is so exceptionally rare not much is known about it.  To be fair Vaccine induced heart inflammation is quite rare but not as rare as healthy young people dying of COVID.

Everyday the evidence mounts that Vaccines have a poor risk/reward ratio for healthy young people.  By young I mean people who are not seniors.  Concurrently evidence of the effectiveness of Ivermectin is getting hard to ignore.  Ivermectin is a serious threat to the vaccines.

The vaccines do not have FDA approval.  They are being used under emergency authorization.  Emergency authorizations are only given when there are no alternatives.  Ivermectin is clearly not Just an alternative.  It is a superior alternative.  Sooner or later the public will wake up to this and that is not good news for the Vaccine manufacturers.

There is no doubt that Vaccine advocates understand this.  That is why there is such a push for mandatory vaccines.  They want to get this in your arm before you realize there is a safer alternative.


Historically useful idiots were used to spread communism.  Now they are COVID vaccine marketing tools.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Canada is in a whole mess of trouble not only because of the leaders but also because of those that vote for and support those leaders. Protect your family, wealth and guns.

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      We have been on the wrong path for a very long time. The serious down hill slide started under the current Prime Moron’s father. We have never recovered from the stupidity he unleashed.

  2. Erica
    Erica says:

    It is impossible not to draw the conclusion after reading the Michael Capuzzo article following the work of the FLCCC and hearing Pierre Kiry’s testimony, among other podcasts and information that has managed to get out before being censored, that there was a deliberate effort to suppress this information/ivermectin so that the EUAs could be justified. Absolutely there are blood on peoples hands they were protocols and treatments all along that were disallowed so that the vaccines could be later justified

    I recently learned the term “controlled opposition“ at the same time I have been confused that Fox News and Tucker Carlson has been “allowed“ to have people like Brett Weinstein of Darkhorse podcasts and a few others speak out on these sorts of matters. I fully believe that Fox is part of the main stream. So how is this allowed after months and months and months of this information being either ignored or censored, doctors and other intelligent people being ignored censored trying to sound warning bells about the vaccines and explain about existing cheap drugs to treat covid. why is it being allowed now

    The answer I realized is that anyone who questions the narrative is slandered as a right wing conspiracy theorist. It is impossible to overstate how irrationally people hated Donald Trump in the area where I live. You absolutely could not admit you voted for him it would be social suicide. I recently heard on a podcast that the best thing to happen to ivermectin was that Trump never mentioned it. In a lot of peoples minds Fox equals right wing equals trump equals white supremacists etc. So what has happened is that they have realized, whoever they are, that enough people have heard about ivermectin and related matters, so now they are throwing some of us a bone. Oh now the info is getting out there, hooray! No this is controlled opposition and the end goal is to discredit ivermectin

    I am now more determined than ever to get the word out
    This is so frustrating !!!!!!!

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      Interesting that you mention Tucker Carlson and Fox news. I discuss both in a post today. I am happy to see you are willing to carry the fight in such a liberal enclave. In some ways It is easier for me. I live in the most conservative part of Canada. Although the most conservative part of Canada is not much further right that the most “liberal” parts of the US. Keep it up Erica. Sooner or later the truth will prevail.


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