Jabs and Lockdowns are part of the Same Strategy

I was following some links this morning and I found this video.  I do not know who this doctor is but he presents pre and post jab blood work for one of his patients.  The Blood work shows that post Jab his immune system has been compromised and his body is dealing with tissue damage.


The Jabs are supposed to give you an immune system boost but they are doing the opposite.  During a pandemic we are giving people an injection that increases their susceptibility to infections and cancers.  That hardly sounds like good public health policy.

Doctors who are struggling to find ways to treat their vax injured patients are now doing research that should have (and might have) been done already.  Below is a video of Dr. Madej detailing how vaccines contain material she has never seen before.


Not only do the “vaccines” contain unexplainable material, they also do unexplainable things to your blood.  Something that Dr. Botha is discovering.

No one seems to know what is in the vaccines or what they do to your body yet we are jabbing children.  Are we insane?  Any doctor that tells you the vaccines are safe is a liar or a quack.  There is no long term data.  No one knows if these problems are permanent.  The Vaccine trials have obviously been gamed.  The pharmaceutical companies either did not do these tests or suppressed the data.  That is either Criminal negligence or just plain criminal.

Several doctors have now described how their jabbed patients’ blood work indicates an auto immune disease.  Even if this effect is not permanent it can still lead to deaths in the short term.  Maybe that is why Ireland is seeing excess deaths of all causes right now.

It is hard to say if the excess deaths in Ireland are related to the jabs because the jabs are not the only public health issue right now.  This could also be lingering effects of the lockdowns.  Everything politicians have forced on the public for the last 20 months is detrimental to health.  Enforced isolation, prolonged mask wearing, and closure of fitness facilities will all produce long term health issues.

If the vaccines and restrictions were for our benefit how come none of it was good for us?  How much longer are we going to allow government to keep us on this slow death march?  People better wake up and stop complying before they become a prosecution exhibit in the Nuremberg II trials.



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