Jason and Scott Need To Grow a Pair

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe just announced drastic restrictions including a province wide mask mandate.  The chief medical officer Dr. Saqib Shahab stated “This pace is not sustainable”.  I never thought I would agree with any of Canada’s chief medical officers, but I agree completely Dr. Shahab.  The pace of our decent into stupidity is not sustainable.  At this pace, our species will be extinct from Terminal Rampant Stupidity long before we die of Covid.

It is painful to watch this happen to Saskatchewan.  When you got tired of the constant bombardment of empty-headed virtue signaling, you could always go to Saskatchewan for a healthy dose of common sense.  My son works in a small town in Saskatchewan, going to visit him was good for the soul.  Rural Saskatchewan was the only sane place left in Canada.  Is Scott Moe even from Saskatchewan?  Is he just the village idiot that rural Saskatchewan tolerates with polite bemusement?

I live in Alberta where the great Eunuch Jason Kenney insists, we won’t have another lockdown, as he closes businesses.  How many businesses do you have to close before it becomes a lock down?  I have friends that operate an affiliation of martial arts schools.  They have been following all the guidelines and have not had a single client test positive.  This week Jason closed almost all their schools.  Do you think Jason could explain to the men and women who earn their incomes from these schools how this is not a lockdown?  A better question might be, how does closing a business with no history of infections help curb an epidemic?

If I were to be charitable, I could be convinced that the Chief Medical officers in both provinces failed to explain to their respective premiers that it is cold and flu season.  If that is the case, Jason and Scott please put down what you are doing and listen.  Hospitalizations for respiratory illnesses always go up during cold and flu season.  We will see increasing infections until January and then, like magic, they will subside.  You can put masks on people and close as many businesses as you want, and it will not change anything.  Are you too stupid to understand that what you did last March did not work?

It is apparent that the Chief Medical officers in each province are incompetent.  That is hardly surprising competence can be severely career limiting in the civil service.  From what we have seen right across this country competence must disqualify you from consideration as chief medical officer.  How come after 9 months of mistakes the premiers are still listening to these people?  I can think of 3 reasons; Jason, Scott, and the other 11 premiers are either stupid, evil, or cowards.

There is not much can be done about stupid or evil, there is no cure for either of those conditions.  If there was, we would not still have to put up with Justin Trudeau.  Cowardice is another issue.  If Jason and Scott are just afraid to go against the flow, they need to grow a pair and standup.  Jason and Scott need to fire these incompetent chief medical officers and their entire staffs.  If they were to do this and apologize, they would not have to worry.  More people than they think would have their backs.  I know I would.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Great point. Testicular fortitude! However, politicians in this era have not made it where they are by going against the flow. They need to go!!!

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