Justin Trudeau is a Super Spreader of COVID Stupidity.

This is Canada’s Prime Moron on a campaign stop.


Incredibly this moronic man-child has already been prime minister for 6 years.  After 6 years you should be able to run on your record and promise more of the same.  Justin can’t use this strategy because he would be promising to continue to fail and embarrass Canada on the international stage.  So Justin has no choice but to run on a promise to do something new.  That something new is vaccine mandates and passports.  Justin Trudeau is desperately trying to make mandates and passports the central issue of the federal election campaign.

For people to accept this they must first be convinced of the necessity.  The tactic Justin is using is demonizing the unvaccinated.  According to Justin there is no evil in the world that can’t be solved by holding people down and injecting them against their will.  Except of course for the evil of holding people down and injecting them against their will.  One big evil act by government to eliminate all other evil acts by citizens.

For this to work Justin needs you to fear, even hate, unvaccinated people.  The last card he plays is lockdowns.  If you don’t help hunt down and inject the hold outs, the economy cannot survive.  Largely because the government will kill it with lock downs.

It is amazing how the media and government have been able to control the lockdown narrative.  People accept that lockdowns work despite the total lack of supporting evidence.  We are starting in to our third lockdown and no one is curious about why the first 2 did not “stop the spread”.  Australia has gone into full lockdown lunacy.  Here is how well it is working.

Not only do lockdowns not work, they data says they lead to more not less deaths.  The more stringent the lockdown the higher the excess deaths.  You may remember this plot from a previous post.

How many people is Australia killing right now?  How many people is Justin Trudeau willing to kill with lockdowns just to force vaccinations on us?

Justin wants Canadian’s to believe economic destruction and government sanctioned murder is the only option if people won’t vaccinate.  Because of course, the unvaccinated are spreading disease and filling the hospitals.  Too bad that is just another lie.  Don’t take my word for it just listen to this hospital worker.


Hospitals are not full but they are dealing with a higher volume than normal for this time of year.  The extra volume is vaccinated people.  This does not portend well for this winter.  We are about to have a very deadly winter.

Once again I am shocked at how easily Canadians will accept absurd lies uttered by morons with a track record of deceit.  In the past 2 winters when no one was vaccinated we did not overwhelm our hospitals.  How will we overwhelm hospitals this year when the majority of people are vaccinated?  The threat of an impending lockdown is an admission things are worse now that people are vaccinated.  Justin is unintentionally telling the truth for once.   The vaccines have made things worse not better. Unfortunately, few people have noticed; including Justin.