Killing People to save the Planet

2 Weeks ago Joe Biden was toying with the idea of declaring a climate emergency.  Joe is concerned because “Experts” tell him that the world will be destroyed by excessive plant food in the atmosphere.  These same “experts” have been pounding the climate change drum for nearly 40 years.  They will not give up because the situation is so dire.  If you have not been paying attention you probably missed that humans have destroyed the earth multiple times since the 80s.  We are still here and so is the earth; evidently the destruction has been a little less than complete every time it has happened.

According to the climate change experts the earth has been, is being, will be destroyed by human emissions of CO2.  Life on earth cannot exist without CO2 and as soon as we eliminate it everything will be fine.  Not like now when the earth gets destroyed regularly.

Ultimately Joe Biden decided not to declare a climate emergency.  Perhaps he is worried it would interfere with his COVID emergency.  He might not have time to explain why the earth is not burning up at the same time he is trying to explain why the vaccines are not saving people.  Or maybe Joe noticed that declaring a climate emergency was not a prerequisite for destructive climate policies.  Other countries were implementing incredibly stupid climate policies without declaring a climate emergency.  Canada, the Netherlands, and Sri Lanka decided the best way to fight climate change was to starve people to death.

While in Europe Climate change will be solved by freezing people to death this winter.  That will be the height of irony don’t you think?  Millions of people freezing to death while the planet is burning up.

The people who saved us from COVID have now turned their impressive intellect to saving us from climate change.  Not surprisingly their solutions to climate change bear a striking resemblance to their solutions to COVID.  They used Lockdowns, masks, and vaccine to kill more people than the virus would have if left ignored.  Now they are using food and energy rationing to kill more people than warm weather ever could.  It seems mass murder is a universal solution to every imaginary emergency.


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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    I am always amazed by the people who believe in the climate change hoax or the Covid scam or any of the other myriad problems they concoct. They are always so virtuous. They care so much about people’s health and well-being that they are willing to kill them.

    We would be much safer if they were more hard-hearted and stopped caring so much about us.

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