Lockdowns are Politics not Science

Once again I called it.  Jason Kenney did not increase restrictions yesterday.  Even though Alberta is seeing the same rising cases that spurred BC, Saskatchewan, and Ontario to ramp up lockdowns.  John Horgan, Scott Moe, and Doug Ford have been lawlessly depriving their citizens of rights for 12 months now.  Their political fortunes have risen because their populations enjoy subservience.  See the latest Angus Reid poll results below.

This poll is actually flattering to Jason Kenney.  A new poll came out just this week that paints an even bleaker picture for Jason Kenney.  Only 8.3% of Albertans approve of his performance.  Deena Hinshaw fairs a little better at 15.5%.

Albertans are also fed up with lockdowns and restrictions.

The pollsters admit their poll is not scientific but 42,000 people responded so it cannot be ignored.  You can see the poll results here.

Alberta opinion Survey – Google Slides

Albertans do not believe the propaganda.  Even the media fear campaign has not brought them around to the government position.  Remarkably, Albertan have figured out that eliminating rights and personal responsibility has no affect on viruses.

Lawless Tyranny has never been as popular in Alberta as other Canadian provinces.  Jason has been very slow to understand this.  Jason is slow to understand anything.  Thankfully, someone has finally explained it to Jason.  He is just not sure what to do about it yet.

Just once in this farcical Pandemic I wish I was wrong.  I predicted Jason Kenney would not follow other provinces because he is in trouble politically.  This is not the first time I have been able to predict behavior by considering politics and ignoring the virus.  A cynical person might believe lockdowns are political, not medical, interventions.

I am not the only person to notice that lockdowns serve purposes other than stemming an outbreak.  According to this doctor the purpose of lockdowns are to force you to get the vaccine.


Dr. Leana Wen is very concerned that if we lift lockdowns before everyone gets vaccinated, people will figure out we do not need the Vaccines.  I wonder how much money the good doctor stands to make off vaccines.

Alberta’s evil Troll is in an awkward position.  He risks more political damage if he increases lockdowns but lockdowns are the primary weapon to force vaccinations.  Albertans attitudes about the vaccine make this a huge problem for the evil Troll.  More than ½ of Albertans do not intend to be vaccinated.

Time is running out on Lockdowns.  In Belgium the Supreme Court has ruled that the government has been illegally extending emergency measures.  Because the emergency extensions are illegal the restrictions are illegal.  The court has ordered that all restrictions must be lifted immediately.


Don’t hold your breath for this to happen in Canada.  Our courts are horribly political.  Judges in Canada are simply unelected politicians in black robes.  Politics in Canada are horribly left wing and so are our courts.  That is why they always err on the side of tyranny.

Still as the rest of the world comes to their senses it will be difficult for Canadian Politicians to cling to lockdowns.  Even people who have elected Justin Trudeau twice are not that stupid.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Chris sky lock down protests in Edmonton on Saturday and Calgary on Sunday.

    I am helping out in my EDA for the maverick independence party. We are going to try to put more pressure on our left-wing politics. Oh Canada what are you doing to yourself.

    https://www.maverickparty.ca/ Read up on it and sign up for a membership and donate if you can. I don’t enjoy politics but we have to stand up and do something. I hope we surprise politicians with it the support we get. What other option do we have?

  2. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    At first glance, the Belgian court ruling is encouraging.

    However the second thing I saw was that the state pays a penalty of 5000Euros per day for violating the ruling. This is infinitesimal in its size for a state government. And to whom do they pay it? The government has to use taxpayers money to pay a fine to itself. Isn’t that meaningless?

    The next point is that the courts really just told them that they have 30 days to enact a new law to allow them to continue doing what they are doing. In 30 days, Belgium will likely have a new law making them a legalized fascist state instead of an Ad Hoc fascist state.

    If the court had ruled that each MP and the Premier/President had to personally pay 5000 Euros per day starting immediately, that would have teeth. But it would not change the fact that the government could make a new law to legalize what they are doing.

    Every country needs a new constitution that expressly forbids this level of control.

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      You are right Trevor. This is a fleeting symbolic victory. Video out of Belgium today still shows police beating lockdown protesters. It is interesting how the courts are so forceful ordering parliament to craft new laws they favor, yet so timid when the find the government breaking the law.

  3. Tim
    Tim says:

    Cops are beating down lockdown protestors is Belgium ? Please share the video. Why the heck aren’t people standing up to it? 300 cops vs 3000 armed protestors seems like odds I would say will help change govts minds.

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