Mask Mandates have returned to BC and no one is Angry about it

Mask Mandates are back in British Columbia tomorrow.  I am in BC today and many businesses have jumped the gun and posted signs 1 day early.  I went to enter a store and noticed the sign.  There was a woman sitting outside waiting on her friends.  She did not go it because she had no mask.  I made a comment that this was never going to end.  She disagreed, she thought we had to endure one more year until enough people are vaccinated.

OK I’ll bite.  Can anyone tell me what percentage of people need to be vaccinated before we can stop using masks that don’t work anyway?  That would seem to be a very hard number to determine.  At some point we need to stop being stupid but if we stop being stupid no one else will get vaccinated.

This spring we were told 70% would be enough.  If 70% of people got vaccinated we would no longer need masks and lockdown.  As of yesterday 78% of the people in BC have been vaccinated.  Tomorrow masks are back.  I guess “enough” is in the eye of the beholder.

The woman I spoke to was not at all upset with this.  She was happy to go through another year of restrictions while the government hunts down the remaining unvaccinated.  I am certain she has never spent any time wondering why vaccinating 78% of the population resulted in more infections than last August when no one was vaccinated.

I have been asking people to wake up but obviously not many have.  Every Canadian should be questioning the government and the vaccines right now but that is not happening.  Thankfully there are a few Canadians questioning the vaccines.  One of them is WhatsHerFace.  In this video she covers old ground but I always enjoy her intelligent sarcasm.  I hope you do as well.