My Letter to Mary Simon, Governor General of Canada

Ms. Simon,


I am writing you to register my non confidence in our federal government.  Prime Minister Trudeau is not working in the best interests of Canadians and should be removed from office immediately.

Canadians have suffered through 2 years of restrictions from the federal and provincial governments that have no basis in science.  The restrictions were imposed under the various emergency measures acts throughout the country.  The declared emergencies have now been extended for 2 years yet no time in the last 2 years have we had an emergency.  The death toll imposed by COVID has never risen above the level of a bad seasonal flu;  something we used to endure without surrendering our charter rights.

The only problem we have had is with hospital capacity, something that is completely within government control.  Are we expected to surrender our charter rights every time government fails to provide the services that were promised?  Even if COVID had risen to the level of an actual emergency how does that justify the suspension of our charter rights for 2 years?  Does a virus only selectively infect free citizens?  Does our immune system get some mysterious boost when we surrender our rights and subject ourselves to the dictatorial whims of government?

The science is very clear.  Masks, social distancing, and selective business closures have almost no effect on the spread of an airborne virus.  We knew this before any of these ridiculous restrictions were imposed.  We also knew that a non-sterilizing vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission.  Vaccine mandates and passports then have no public health benefits.  The vaccine benefit is purely personal.  If we really wanted to follow the science we should encourage young healthy people to not take the vaccines.  Overuse of a non-sterilizing vaccine will inevitably lead to vaccine resistant mutations.

The science is abundantly clear.  We should not have expected the restrictions to work and they did not work.  We also should have offered the vaccines to high risk individuals only.  Low risk individuals should have been treated using one of the many proven treatment protocols such as the McCullough protocol.  The federal government’s actions over the last 2 years has prevented the application of well-established science and have violated our charter rights.  Their activities rise to the level of criminality and they must be stopped.