Not Exactly The Blind Leading The Blind, The Same Net Result Though

If Dr. Frankenstein could distil and combine the pure stupidity of Ed Stelmach, the rotting corruption of Allison Redford, and the evil communist sympathies of Rachel Notley he would have an elixir to build a truly frightening monster.  Sadly this monster could not possibly cause more damage than Jason Kenney.  Yesterday, Jason Kenney solidified his position as the worst Premier in Alberta History by announcing his second lockdown, 1 week after admitting the first lockdown killed people.

We have been to this movie before.  The first 2 week lockdown instituted nearly 9 months ago is not over and we have started a new one.  Only 1 covid death happened prior to the lockdown and various restrictions.  392 people have died with covid since Jason decided to start protecting us.  There is no evidence the first lockdown worked and Jason wants to go back.  Jason took over Alberta with a huge majority based on all of his tough talk.  Since taking control Jason has shown that his tough rhetoric was empty.  He has accomplished nothing while he followed Deena Hinshaw and Justin Trudeau like a new puppy.

Mr. All Hat No Cattle didn’t even show up for his own press conference.  He was in contact with someone who tested positive so he was self-isolating.  He made a point of telling us that even if his test is negative he will finish the 14 day self-isolation as prescribed by Deena Hinshaw.  This is a page right out of Justin Trudeau’s play book.  Use Covid as an excuse to stay home and play video games.  Justin found the less Canadians saw of him the more they liked him.  Jason is hoping Albertans will appreciate his absence; I certainly would if it was permanent.  Jason is nothing more than a Justin Trudeau wannabe.

Deena and Jason were very concerned that cases and deaths are rising in Alberta.  As you can see below we are now seeing twice as many people die with covid as we saw in April.

Again they were careful not to put anything in context.  In April we are coming out of influenza season, deaths normally drop by 31 per week (7 per million).  If covid deaths were rising at a time when deaths should have been falling we should have seen excess deaths, yet we did not. Where were the 17 deaths per week of covid?  Now we are showing 39 covid deaths per week.  Deaths normally rise as winter approaches.  Even without Covid we should see deaths increasing by 66 every week (15 per million).  The deaths we are seeing now are not outside the bounds of what we should expect every November.  See the plot below

As per usual they took questions at the end of the presentation.  If I had been there I would have been thrown out for asking the following uncomfortable questions.

Questions for Deena Hinshaw

  • You have given us incomplete data. Are total respiratory illnesses outside the bounds of normal for November?
  • Almost every government in the world has now admitted that covid 19 is an airborne virus. All of your policies are just an extension of the old policies designed for infection from droplets.  Why are we still using the same policies when we have new information on how the virus is transmitted?
  • You mentioned masks several times. If masks are such a panacea why are most of the new infections in Calgary and Edmonton where masks have been mandatory for more than 3 months?
  • In 9 months the only medical advice you have dispensed is that we should be afraid and we need to hide from the virus. Shouldn’t you be more concerned with establishing treatment protocols and training AHS staff?
  • As our chief medical officer you have at your disposal the entire resources of Alberta Health services. AHS has 106 hospitals and over 100,000 employees.  Given those enormous resources why is it so difficult to treat the 225 Covid patients in the hospital right now?
  • Do you think someone who can’t figure out how to find space for 225 people in 106 hospitals should be our chief medical officer?
  • In what class in medical school do they teach that unemployed people are less susceptible to viral infection than employed people?
  • Can we see a copy of your medical degree and can you provide a list of people who will testify that you attended class?


Questions for Jason Kenney

  • You spent a considerable amount of time explaining how Alberta business owners have done such a good job that we have not seen any serious outbreaks due to the business resumption. Given that, how are we safer by now closing those businesses?
  • Nowhere in the world have lockdowns and restrictions flattened the curve in any way that could be attributed to the measures. Why do you think repeating these policies will work this time?
  • Corona Viruses are seasonal, a second wave has been anticipated for months. Why is our hospital capacity the same as it was 9 months ago?  What have you been doing for the last 9 months?
  • How has wringing your hands and lecturing Albertans for 9 months enhanced our ability to treat sick people?
  • What makes you think that a viral outbreak can be stemmed by government decree? Do you really think you are a God?
  • Do you have an accurate accounting of the people who were killed by your first lockdown?
  • Will you apologize to the families of the people who were killed by your first lockdown?
  • How many people do you expect to kill with your current lockdown?
  • Does being god mean never having to say you are sorry?

If there had been a real journalist in attendance some or all of those questions would have been asked.  Instead the first question came from the Edmonton journal.  The media personality (not to be confused with a journalist) pointed out that the new restrictions are similar to, but less stringent than the ones in Ontario that are not working.  Instead of coming to the obvious conclusion that these types of restrictions don’t work he asked why the Alberta Government was not going to go further.  Typical left wing lunacy; pick something that has not worked and advocate for doing more of it.

The subsequent questions did not get any smarter.  We are doomed.  Despite ample evidence to the contrary our decision makers believe they are gods.  The only people allowed to question these self-appointed gods are left wing lunatics, incapable of critical thought.  This is not the blind leading the blind.  It is the delusional being enabled by the deluded.

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