Omicron might just save Democracy

Jan 11th 2022 rant

In Canada the virtue signaling morons in charge are touting mandatory vaccinations.  Canada is not the first country to toy with mandatory COVID vaccinations but we just might be the last.  Take this article about Germany I found yesterday.

In November Germany announced that a vaccine mandate would be in place by February.  Now they say that it will take longer.  They simply cannot draft a law and get it passed that quickly.  I find this report to be very interesting.  Germany like every other corrupt western government has been using the fake COVID emergency to govern by decree.  They have not bothered to vote on anything else in the last 2 years why start now?  What has changed?  Why the sudden re-interest in democracy?

What has changed is omicron.  I can’t believe how fast omicron is shattering the whole vaccine narrative.  Below are the latest numbers out of Britain.  For every age group except under 18 you are now more likely to get COVID if you have been vaccinated (the red numbers).  The numbers are not even close.  People from 18 to 60 are now more than twice as likely to get COVID if they are vaccinated.

The Boosters also won’t save you.

When someone in a household tests positive for omicron they are twice as likely to infect others if they are vaccinated and more than 3 times as likely if they have had boosters.  At this point omicron is nothing more than a cold but still, why would you take something that made you 3 times more likely to get a cold?

The numbers in Wales don’t make a very good case for boosters either.  90% of Welsh are vaccinated and 60% are now boosted.  If vaccines and boosters worked it should be all but impossible to find a COVID case in wales.  The opposite is true.  Cases in Wales have gone through the roof.  New cases are more than 4 times higher than the previous pandemic peak.

Omicron is a real problem for these tyrants.  It is spreading so quickly that everyone knows someone who has had it but no one knows anyone who has had a serious illness.  Even Canadians are finally starting to admit that most people in the hospital with COVID are not in the hospital because of COVID.  They just happen to have COVID along with the more serious problem that brought them to the hospital in the first place.

Germany knows that trying to mandate vaccinations now would be a non-starter.  People will refuse to be vaccinated against a cold especially when the vaccine makes them more likely to get said cold.  Taking the vaccine mandate to a vote is a way for the government to save face.  They know they will lose the vote.  Then they can claim that the opposition parties just don’t care as much as they do.  Democracy in Germany is convenient again only because it prevents the government from shooting themselves in the foot.

If omicron helps Canadians re-discover democracy it will be a miracle worthy of a national holiday.  Thanks to the Trudeau family, Canadian democracy is dead and Canada day is meaningless.  If we follow Germany’s lead and rediscover democracy through omicron perhaps July 1st can be re-named omicron day.