Our decrepit Health Care System won’t survive Jason and Deena

For 2 years Albertans have been told that we need to lockdown and throw people in to unemployment to protect our health care system.  Isn’t this backwards?  I thought the whole point of a Healthcare system was for it to protect the citizens.  Why do we fund a system that we cannot use when we need it?  Why aren’t all Canadians asking that question now?

So how close did we come to overwhelming our system?  Well Alberta has 373 ICU beds and at the peak we had 268 people in the ICU.  72% of the ICU was just for COVID.  I guess we had a problem then, right?  Yes but not the problem that you think.  Our problems once again stem from our government.

Alberta has 373 ICU beds for 4.4 million people.  Alabama has 1531 ICU beds for 4.9 million people.  On a per capita basis Alabama has 3.7 times as many ICU beds as Alberta.  Unfortunately that number still makes Alberta look better than it actually is.  Per capita Alberta is the richest Canadian province.  Alabama on the other hand is 46th out of 50 states.  If we compare ICU beds per dollar of GDP Alabama has nearly 5 times as many ICU beds as Alberta.

That is what government run health care gets you; 80% fewer ICU beds.  We did not shut down our economy and trample people’s rights because of a virus.  We did it to cover up how poorly managed our system is.  Jason Kenney (Premier) and Deena Hinshaw (Chief medical officer) are not just evil, they are incompetent as well.

Unfortunately for Albertan’s those 2 evil incompetents are not done ruining the system.  At the end of this month all Alberta Health services employees must be fully vaccinated.  Jason and Deena are getting ready to fire nurses.  Firing nurses going in to cold and flu season is a very bad idea.  Firing nurses when there is a serious shortage of nurses is an enormously bad idea.  According to StatsCan nursing is the most understaffed occupation in the country.


Vacancies in health care and social assistance increased by 40,800 (+59.9%) from the second quarter of 2019 to the second quarter of 2021, the largest increase of any sector. This increase brought the number of vacancies in the sector to 108,800, representing one in seven job vacancies in Canada. Vacancies grew in all subsectors, led by hospitals and nursing and residential care facilities.

If this really was about public health they would not be firing nurses.  This is not about a virus.  Australia is not the only country that needs to investigate politicians for corruption.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:


    Note that the report makes two main points.
    1. Job vacancies are up.
    2. The wage offered is up.

    Both substantially.

    Now here is another quote from that report. “ The ratio of unemployed people to job vacancies increased from 2.0 in the second quarter of 2019 to 2.2 in the second quarter of 2021. This relative stability was due to both unemployment and job vacancies increasing over the period”.

    Now, Read the last sentence again.
    So job vacancies are going up and wages are going up so it logically follows that finding a job is getting easier. BUT, the number of unemployed is going UP!

    That is an almost impossible situation to create. Only all the coercive effort of government could make that happen. Economics textbooks don’t cover this because it would have been inconceivable only 18months ago.


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