Our “Free” Press Campaigns against Freedom

Justin Trudeau brokered a deal with Jagmeet Singh that will keep him in power for 3 more years.  The liberal party hopes that 3 years will be enough time for people to forget the disgusting things government has done in the name of public safety.  3 years is certainly enough time to imprison every free thinking Canadian since there really aren’t many of them.  There is, however, an unusual problem the liberals need to deal with before imprisoning free thinkers.  This time for some unexplained reason, the conservatives don’t seem to be cooperating.

The Conservatives are in the middle of a leadership race and this time it might actually be different.  Gone are the days of Andrew Shear and Erin O’Toole.  2 empty suits parachuted into the leadership to ensure Justin Trudeau got re-elected.  Men who took such tepid positions on everything they offered no alternative to liberal tyranny.  This campaign there are several candidates who refuse to play the game by the old rules.  Rather than focusing on phony issues like climate change they are focusing on the very real issue of Freedom.

Of course the script writers are still trying to run the old playbook.  They have parachuted Jean Charest in to the contest to be the next Shear/O’Toole.  The literal straw man for Trudeau to bowl over in the next election.  Unfortunately the poll numbers indicate that Charest is not up to the task of throwing the next election.  Right now the top 2 candidates are 2 pro freedom candidates.

Trudeau’s first impulse is undoubtable to imprison both Poilievre and Lewis but it appears the script writers don’t agree.  Their approach is more subtle and has always worked in the past.  The game plan right now is to appeal to the stupidity of Canadians.  The script writers have turned to their favorite pet, the media, to convince Canadians what a bad idea freedom is.  According to Stephanie Taylor freedom is passé, it is so 2019.  Conservatives should not focus on freedom because she has on good authority that the COVID tyranny has passed and Canadians have moved on.

“Paradis said focusing on mandates is an effective way to gain traction in a leadership contest. But the party risks expending too much energy on pandemic policies that are no longer in effect and that wider Canadian society has moved on from.”

I think Stephanie might have a hard time convincing city of Hamilton employees that the tyranny has passed and should be forgotten.  Of course, this is not over.  Every level of government in this country is throwing a hissy fit over people who will not blindly obey.  Stephanie knows this as well so her attack is 2 pronged.  Even in Canada you can find people not willing to forgive governments abolition of freedom that resulted in an unprecedented 2 year killing spree.  Stephanie’s argument to the less forgiving is that you don’t want freedom anyway.  Freedom can be dangerous.  If doctors were free to act they might destroy the government’s plans by saving people without Justin getting any income form vaccines.

“Former NHL player Theo Fleury, whose social media feeds are filled with anti-vaccination statements, has been campaigning for Bourgault. The candidate touts medically disproven alternative treatments for COVID-19 such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine with zinc.” 

The lies about, Ivermectin, HCQ and the vaccines sure have legs.  The evidence in support of Ivermectin and HCQ is overwhelming while every day brings more bad news about the vaccines.  Europe is admitting to 44,000 vaccine deaths and 2,000,000 serious injuries.  If this is what they admit to, how bad are the real numbers?

Vaccine deaths and injuries are not important to Stephanie Taylor or any other member of the Canadian Press.  To Stephanie and her co-conspirators the vaccines are safe.  It is Freedom that is dangerous.

This is not about a virus and the enemy is among us.