Our Leaders are Delusional and it is starting to show

Politicians are destroying the economy right now.  This is not just stupidity, it is clearly intentional.  I have a friend that I have discussed this with frequently.  He always shakes his head and asks the same question.  “Don’t they realize if the economy collapses they will also be affected”?  My friend is absolutely correct.  There is no way can maintain their lifestyle if the economy collapses.  The problem is they are too stupid and delusional to understand this simple fact.

It is true that despite destroying their economies communist dictators live like kings.  Castro died a billionaire, so did Hugo Chavez.  These men were able to maintain their lavish lifestyles because they could always import what they needed.  That is not what is happening now.  The entire western world seems hell-bent on destruction.  One or 2 economies can collapse and the world goes on.  If they all collapse, life as we know it simple stops.

It is not surprising that the politicians don’t understand this.  These people have been pushing de-industrialization to save the planet from climate change for decades now.  That is how stupid they are.  They think the benefits of a modern industrial society can be had without any of the industry that makes it possible.

That is the level of stupidity we are fighting right now.  People who think they can de-populate the planet, and shut down the economy without impacting their lifestyles.  They must believe that power is generated when you flip the light switch on, and that power will be available as long as the switch is attached to the wall.  Things do not work that way in a modern, integrated, specialized economy.  Everything is integrated and interconnected.  You can’t chip away at one piece without impacting the others.

This is a very simple lesson that aircraft controllers are trying to teach Creepy Joe right now.


Notice how the media ran in to act as firefighters.  They are printing completely false information to keep angry people from turning on Biden and his mandates.  The media won’t be able to hide this forever.  Politicians may not understand this but you can’t fire 15% of doctors, nurses, air traffic controllers, firemen, engineers, tradesmen, and police without dire consequences.  Once the system starts to collapse it will gain momentum and a complete collapse could be unavoidable.

The elite think that they still have private airports and other facilities that cater only to them just the way communist dictators do.  These people are delusional.  Not one of them has any useful skills.  When your private generator fails, who will fix it?  How will food gets to their tables?  Politicians are playing a very dangerous game and most of them are too stupid to know they can’t win.

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