Panic over Omicron is exactly what Government wants, Don’t give it to Them

Omicron is shutting the whole world down right on schedule.  Lockdowns are back and the solution once again is more vaccines.  Haven’t we been to this movie before?  Weren’t the first 2 doses supposed to usher in a disease free world full of unicorns and magic pixie dust?

In a span of only a few months 2 doses has gone from the ticket to freedom and everlasting health to unvaccinated equivalent.  Just watch this video from Ontario’s top doctor.  If you have not been boosted it is not safe to visit your parents and grandparents even if they have been boosted.

2 years in to this farce and I find myself still asking the same question.  Is this man Stupid or is he just evil?  He wants you to believe that the only way your parents and grandparents can live is if you never have any contact with them again.  I wonder what our relative’s answer would be if we asked whether fear induced isolation is actually living.

He did not use the words but what that evil little man really said was that double jabbed should consider themselves unvaccinated.  Isn’t this just an admission that the vaccines don’t work?  How is that a rational argument for taking more of the same thing?

The reality is that omicron is the logical conclusion to vaccinating billions of people with a non-sterilizing vaccine.  It was only a matter of time before a vaccine resistant variant would emerge.  You could get jabbed every other day and omicron would not care.  Just ask every member of the Calgary Flames.

Almost every case of omicron discovered to date is in double or triple vaxxed people.  Omicron is unaffected by the vaccines.  That really is not a problem though because as Dr. Malone points out omicron is a vaccine.


Omicron is the best news we have had in nearly 2 years so why don’t most people see it that way?  Because most people are still in the grips of mass psychosis, that’s why.


Dr. McCullough carefully walks up to the conclusion but does not say the obvious out loud.  All of this was deliberately caused by government.  It is simply too perfect to have been an accident.  COVID restrictions are just a very advanced form of crowd control and the government is not alone in this.  They found a very willing partner in the media.


In March of 2020 western governments enacted a very detailed plan.  The end game is feudalism.  You will own nothing, have no rights, and the government will be very happy indeed.  The only way this can work is for the government to be able to exert total control of where you are and what you are doing.  They could have opted to hold us down and implant an electronic tracking device but if they tried that we would fight like hell.  Instead they convinced us to put the tracking device on our phone and carry it everywhere.  21 months ago we were put in to a funnel that led to cell phone vaccine passports.

Make no mistake the vaccine passport on your phone will be expanded to include everything.  Soon you will need to scan your phone to unlock your car or home.  Of course you will not own that car or home.  The government will and they will rent it back to you.  Rents will be carefully set to leave you no disposable income.

None of this can happen if we lose the reason to carry our phones.  That means COVID and booster shots will never end.  It does not matter how mild the virus becomes, the government will remain lethal.  Double dosed people are no longer considered vaccinated.  Soon a triple dose will also be insufficient.  One day your vaccine app will automatically schedule your 6 (or maybe 3) month booster.  If you fail to show up the police will know exactly where you are to come pick you up.

This is exactly how the government wants you to live.  The question is how do you want to live and what are you prepared to do about it?


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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Wow!! Excellent job Richard. Two years ago everything we discussed and predicted that would come made us conspiracy theorists. It all transpired. What you are saying today will come as well and it won’t take two years. This whole thing was put into motion years ago when they got us all addicted to our phones. Maybe we should all get off of them.


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