Post COVID Canada May Or May not be Democratic

The western world has gone insane.  Nowhere is that insanity more evident than in Australia as this woman points out.


The latest manifestations of that insanity are vaccine mandates and passports.  Thankfully, as this lawyer points out, Vaccine mandates are illegal in Canada.  Sorry I can’t embed the video you can see it here.

The good news is that Canadian law is clear.  Vaccine passports and mandates are illegal.  The bad news is that that provincial governments will impose them anyway.  Nothing that our Prime Minister or any Premier has done in the last 18 months has been legal.  The criminality of their actions has not received even passing consideration by the courts or the public.

The chance to save Canada at this point is slim.  Our only hope is a court challenge in front of a judge that respects the law.  The law will be on our side, the odds of a Canadian judge respecting that law is very low.  Like I said slim, very slim.

Slim or not a court challenge is the necessary next step.  If that does not work we are left with only one option and it is not the Ballot box.  Last year Joe Biden and the Democrats proved you don’t need to win the hearts and minds of voters only the cooperation of the people counting the votes.  That lesson has not been lost on the Trudeau Liberals.  They have already dispatched one of their lackeys to start conditioning us to accept the inevitable fraud.

Stéphane Perrault is Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer and this is what he had to say during an August 18th press conference.

“I know that Canadians are used to getting complete results on election night, but it will be different for this election.  The count of mail-in ballots will start after the election date, once all the mail-in ballots that electors have dropped off at polling stations have been returned, and integrity checks have been performed.”

”If the volume of mail-in ballots is high, as we’ve seen in other jurisdictions during the pandemic, it will take longer for returning officers to count those ballots.”

Let me translate that for you.  This is what he said.  “We will not count mail in ballots until we know how many Justin Trudeau needs to win a majority.  It may take several days to manufacture that many fraudulent Ballots.”

The future of our country hangs on finding one honest judge.