Protecting Hospitals Instead of People

For 14 months we have given up our rights.  We were told it was necessary.  Our health care system needed to be protected.  Isn’t this backwards?  Why are we protecting the health care system?  Shouldn’t our health care system be designed to protect us?  Before I answer my own question please take the time to watch this.


Dr. McCullough covers a lot of ground.  Most of which I have discussed before.  He does make 3 very powerful points that have not been given much discussion anywhere.

  1. Treating people before they sick enough to require hospitalization greatly reduces chance of death. This is not surprising.  I would think this applies to every possible malady.
  2. A combination of cheap readily available drugs has proven to be very effective at treating COVID out patients.
  3. There has been active suppression of information about successful treatment protocols.

Of the thousands of papers written about COVID only 2 papers have been written about early outpatient treatment.  Dr. McCullough was involved with both papers.  There is so little information on early intervention that Dr. McCullough produced a YouTube video to disseminate information.  YouTube took the video down as soon as they became aware of it.

This morning there was an Article in the National Post about internet censorship.  The writer was upset that China had censored an award winning film director.  I don’t remember reading the article complaining about the censorship of Dr. McCullough.  I guess it is foolish of me to think that he is as important as a director who makes films no one sees anyway.

Now back to my original question.  Why do we protect our health care system rather than having it protect us?  The answer to that is obvious.  There is no sense having a health care system that is incapable of protecting us.  The most absurd thing is not that we need to protect the system, but that the only way to protect the system is not to use it.

Why on earth would we financially support a system that cannot protect us, which we are not allowed to use?  As Dr. McCullough points out the best way to keep people from using the hospital is to treat them early.  That is not what we are doing.  When someone tests positive we tell them to go home and isolate for 14 days.  By then they have either recovered or shown up in the emergency room.  When we let people get that sick, overcrowding and death is hard to avoid.

Public Health bureaucracies are supposed to develop policies to help the largest number of people.  That should have included disseminating early treatment information and ensuring access to effective drugs.  Instead our public health officials have been actively suppressing treatment information.  Our own health minister called studies on vitamin d effectiveness fake news.

Public health officials prevented doctors from treating ill people and discouraged people from seeking treatment.  Instead of helping the greatest number of people they have harmed the greatest number of people.  They have maximized the number of deaths.

This is mystifying until you admit the goal was always too maximize deaths.  Politicians sign the paychecks of public health officials and politicians find COVID deaths to be quite convenient.  Without COVID deaths Politicians would have no excuse to remove our rights, enrich their friends, and destroy small business.  COVID is the ticket to the great reset.  Treating patients and saving lives would get in the way of that.

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