Spinning Lies will not work Forever

Someone from Alberta Health Services must be reading my blog.  Just yesterday I pointed out that COVID deaths should have started to increase 2 weeks ago and had not.  Today the very same plot has been changed to show deaths increasing from about 2 weeks ago.

That is the problem with allowing unrepentant Liars to control the information.  Remember this from 2 days ago.


The entire justification for COVID restrictions was not that they worked but that our ICUs were full.  It took nearly 2 years for the government to discover that the ICUs were not full and that Albertans were lied to.  We destroyed lives over ICU capacity even when we did not know how many people were really in the ICU.  Just as yesterday it seems we did not know how many people died from COVID this month.

Governments lie.  That much is undeniable.  In my lifetime I am not sure government has ever intentionally told the truth.  There have been a few accidental truthful disclosures which no doubt ended poorly for the people involved.  There are, however, some lies too large to cover forever.  Like the lie that the vaccines are safe.


It seems every day now we learn of another completely healthy young person who has their life ruined or ended by the vaccines.  There are also more and more experts coming forward and exposing how completely unscientific and ineffective the entire COVID response has been.


Government cannot hide their crimes forever.  Sooner or later someone will pay for these crimes.


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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    Don’t let these totalitarians dictate to you what the facts are and what is disinformation. Keep looking at everything and decide for yourself.

    Also, archive everything. Screenshot everything. Media coverage, government statements, politicians statements, police intimidation, conduct doctors’ colleges. When the totalitarians lose their moment, they will begin destroying evidence and try to cover their tracks. We must not let the public forget.

    These people must be made to answer for what they did.

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