Stupid is as Stupid does, of Course I mean Doug Ford

In the last week BC and Saskatchewan have increased the severity of their lockdowns.  Restaurants, fitness facilities, and personal services have been closed.  Today Doug Ford decided to jump in to the fray.  Doug Ford is the only serious contender to The Prime Moron’s title of least intelligent Canadian.  Here he is in action.


I have to admit I was not up to 34 minutes of Doug Ford and his pearls of virology wisdom.  Thankfully I did not have long to wait.  Within 15 seconds Doug told us that Ontario’s hospitals have never been so full.  I thought that was really odd.  It would make Ontario the only place in the world with overrun hospitals.  I stopped the video to go to the Ontario Public Health website.  This is what I found on hospitalizations in Ontario.

If hospitals are full in Ontario it is not due to COVID.  Maybe people in Ontario have developed severe allergies to Doug Ford’s bullshit.  Once again Doug Ford is the clear winner in the Canadian Evil-Stupidity completion.  This time he may have even eclipsed Justin Trudeau.  Doug Ford could not even wait 1 minute before lying.

Saskatchewan’s new restrictions apply only to Regina.  BC and Ontario have province wide restrictions.  BC for 2 weeks and Ontario for 4 weeks.  It is April; variants or no variants spring is upon us.  I can guarantee cases will fall everywhere in Canada in 2 to 4 weeks.  When that does be prepared for politicians to take credit for spring just as they did in 2020.

Spring ends outbreaks of all seasonal viruses.  It does this every year without any political assistance.  That is means we don’t have to rely on the meager abilities of Doug Ford to save us.  Seriously, if our survival depended on the likes of Doug Ford, we would already be extinct.  Doug Ford, Scott Moe, and John Horgan will all pat themselves on the back in a few weeks for killing the outbreak.  The reality is that the only thing those evil bastards are killing, with the heavy hand of government, is their own people.

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