The age of Imaginary Rights

In Canada we have a charter of rights.  The charter “guarantees” the fundamental rights of movement, association, and speech.  Unfortunately the last 2 years has shown that it does not matter what the charter says, none of those rights exist in Canada.  Not to worry though our charter rights have been replaced by more modern progressive rights.

During COVID we found that you have the right to force others to make you feel safe.  Even before COVID most Canadians would tell you that we have the right to health care.  That is because most Canadians are stupid and have no idea what a right is.  Health care is not a right, it is a privilege of living in a wealthy society.  When the wealth disappears the privilege will as well.  It is ironic then that the people who scream the loudest about the right to health care vote for politicians that destroy wealth.  Not their own of course, just society’s in general.

For those of you born in this age of imaginary rights I will make it simple for you to understand.  A right is something that can be taken away but does not need to be provided.  No one needs to provide you the ability to move around, associate with who you want, or say what you think.  Health care is not a right because someone else needs to provide it.  If it was a right no doctor or nurse can refuse health care to you.  People that must attend to your every whim are called slaves.  You cannot have a right that deprives someone else of their rights.

It really is unfortunate society did not understand this prior to COVID, it would have saved a lot of lives.  You have a right to wear a mask, you do not have the right to force someone else to wear a mask.  You have the right to not go to a restaurant but you do not have a right to close that restaurant.  It is not someone else’s responsibility to make you feel safe; that would make them your slave.

These modern rights are not really rights but that does not mean they are not useful.  Politicians use these new rights to infringe on your old ones.


Imaginary rights now trump actual rights.  According to this lunatic, freedom of speech must be eliminated to protect the right to avoid internet violence and the right to child dignity.  Before I give up my right to free speech I have a couple of questions.  What the hell is internet violence?  Does the technology exist that allows someone to download themselves in to my home and beat the tar out of me?  If so how do I use it to download myself in front of Justin Trudeau or Jason Kenney?  Just asking for a friend.

And lastly, if child dignity is a right I am really confused.  How did it advance child dignity by forcing them to wear masks for 2 years?