The Award for worst Freudian slip of 2021 goes to Tedros Adhanom

So much stupid so little time.  Before we discuss the incredible Freudian slip at the end of his statement I want to talk about how ridiculous the first part of the statement is.  Tedros is of course the Chinese owned corrupt head of the WHO.  It is fitting that the head of the organization is corrupt since the WHO is now almost wholly owned by the gates Foundation.  A corrupt head for a corrupt organization.

Tedros starts his statement by taking off his mask to speak demonstrating again that these lunatic know that masks don’t actually work.  Then for more than 2 minutes Tedros sticks very carefully to a well-polished although irrational script.  Step 1 in the COVID playbook is always fear and Tedros does not disappoint.  He points out that the 3.3 million deaths due to COVID should alarm everyone because they were more than 3 other completely unrelated diseases.  I also have it on good authority that COVID kills more people every year than paper cuts.  Here is an inconvenient fact that Tedros leaves out.  Infectious respiratory diseases normally kill that many people every year.  Here is an article from 2010.

11 years ago it was accepted knowledge that more than 4 million people will die every year from infectious respiratory diseases.  Remember in 2021, as with 2020, everything was COVID.  We had no influenzas and pneumonia.  Strictly speaking that is not true, we just gave influenzas and pneumonia patients a PCR test and their illness suddenly became COVID.  This is something I posted on July 27th

And Armstrong Economics reminded us again just yesterday.

So in 2021 we rolled all respiratory illnesses up under the COVID umbrella and we found 3.3 million people died, which is substantially below average.  Tedros wants you to be afraid that we had a very light year for respiratory illnesses but don’t worry the rest of his statement makes even less sense.

Tedros says unless we want to be dealing with COVID again in 12 months we need to cancel all activities now.  Coincidentally this is exactly what he said 12 months ago, but don’t worry it will work this time.  Maybe it will work this time because the virus has mutated and we are now dealing with omicron.  Tedros points out that omicron is in fact very different.  It spreads more quickly and infects vaccinated people.  Of course the solution to this vaccine resistant virus is to give everyone more of the vaccine that does not work on it.  Like I said, Tedros does not disappoint, this is stupid on steroids.

After sticking with the narrative and dispensing pearls of irrationality, Tedros makes his Freudian slip.  He objects to how the vaccines are being rolled out in wealthy countries.  He does not think it is right that wealthy countries are using vaccines to kill children before developing countries have had a chance to finish killing seniors.  Here is the clip you judge for yourself.


When these people stay on script they look stupid; when the slip up and tell the truth they look evil.  How much longer will we put up with the crap?

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