The Banality of COVID Evil

The Moronic man-child is overseas plotting the continued destruction of our society.  He produced thousands of tonnes of CO2 flying to a conference so that he could announce Canadians will not be allowed to produce CO2.  CO2 is essential for life.  Without it we all die, yet somehow now it is selectively evil.  It is not a problem when our Prime Minister produces it but it is an existential threat when we produce it heating our homes.

Extraordinary claims must be backed up with extraordinary proof.  That is a very simple concept that should be followed but is considered impolite by Canadians.  The theory of Anthropogenic Global warming is an extraordinary claim.

For 4.5 billion years climate has changed.  It has gone through extreme heat and bitter cold multiple times.  Hot periods teamed with life while cold periods brought extinction and disease but through it all the planet survived.  So all of the available data tells us climate is never stable, the earth is highly resilient, and a warm earth is easier to live in than a cold earth.  Then one day climate activists came along and told us none of that was true.

We should have demanded ironclad proof before we agreed to a single sacrifice.  We of course did not get iron clad proof.  All we got was computer models and angry accusations that we did not care about the planet.  We should have laughed at these lunatics, instead we knuckled under and agreed that we must have been wrong all along.  The sky was not blue.  We must erode our standard of living in a vain attempt to control the uncontrollable.

Our capitulation to the global warming mob has led us to where we are today.  In March of 2020 our governments made an extraordinary claim.  A great plague was upon us.  Unless we do things that have never been done before we were all going to die.  If we do not comply we would be responsible for thousands of deaths.  On the day that Alberta Premier Jason Kenney made this fantastic claims Alberta had only 3 confirmed cases.  We should have demanded extraordinary proof to back up these extraordinary claims.  Unfortunately the Global warming mob has already conditioned us not to do that.

We did not push back 2 years ago and look where we are today.  For decades we believed segregation is evil, human rights are not negotiable, and an individual has bodily autonomy.  We believed these things so deeply they were enshrined in law.  None of that now applies.  Evil people claimed the great plague meant all of that was wrong and we accepted it without proof.

Many people will tell you that global warming and epidemics are technical problems too complicated for the average person to understand.  We must always acquiesce to the experts.  It is true that the science can be complicated but you do not need to be a scientist to understand that what is happening is wrong.  That is something Dr. Julie Ponesse explains with great eloquence.  Enjoy.


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