The Coronation of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Leslyn Lewis is one of the leading candidates to take over the leadership of the Canadian Conservative Party.  She is one of the pro-freedom candidates and the only one to take a strong stand against the WHO pandemic Response Treaty that Justin Trudeau has already signed.  The Treaty has not yet come in to effect because the final wording is still being drafted.  Remarkably most countries like Canada signed this treaty without knowing what would be in the final draft.  Like most crimes this was all done under the cover of darkness.  There has been very little media coverage of our government signing a blank piece of paper and handing it to the WHO to do with what they want.

As the deadline for the final draft looms finally people are starting to notice and question why an organization controlled by China should be able to override our governments.


It is good that people are starting to push back but this gentleman and Leslyn Lewis still don’t get it.  This treaty does not just allow the WHO to mandate injections that kill young people.  This treaty gives the WHO control of everything.  The COVID restrictions were never about a virus and the Pandemic response treaty is not about Pandemics.  With the left nothing is ever what it seems.  Things have different names and different stated objectives but those are always lies.  The objective is always the same; control and transfer of wealth.

So how does the WHO use a pandemic response treaty to control everything?  The answer to that is another question.  How do you define a pandemic?  Is a pandemic a public health emergency affecting multiple countries simultaneously?  The WHO certainly thinks so.  That is why last October the WHO declared climate change to be a public health emergency.

Climate change is the Holy Grail for the left because climate change is about energy consumption.  If you control energy you control everything.  You control travel, commerce, housing, and food production.  For the left climate change is the issue that gives them ultimate power to transfer your wealth into their bank accounts.  If climate change is a public health emergency then signing this treaty gives the WHO control of you and your bank account.

Climate change is about control and wealth transfer.  COVID is about control and wealth transfer.  The Pandemic response treaty is about control and wealth transfer.  Are you sensing a pattern yet?  This treaty is not about giving up control during a pandemic.  This treaty is about giving up democracy and rule of law.