The Demonic Duo Must Go.

Yesterday Jason told us he had no choice, we are in the middle of an emergency and we must flip the switch and turn Alberta off, again, on Sunday.  It is a good thing Jason is not a 911 operator, if you called with an emergency, he would be there 4 days later with the fire trucks.  Seriously what kind of emergency can wait 4 days while we get used to it.

Jason and Deena told us we must do something because our health care system is about to be overwhelmed.  Let us think about that for a minute.  It would be a waste to build a hospital that was empty all the time.  You would build your system to be full or near full in peak season.  Guess when Peak season is.  It is normal for hospitals to be full in December and January.  It would be an unusual year if our hospitals were not full right now so why is anyone surprised?

The only thing abnormal about this year is that we have idiots in charge who have made things worse.  By cancelling elective procedures in March, they created an artificially large backlog in a system prone to backlogs.  They also failed to anticipate a very predictable early season surge of the virus.  I am not a doctor.  I am an engineer trained in a non-medical field, yet I was able to take public data and use a little logic to predict this was not over.  I did this in June.  How come no one in the Alberta Health service was able to do this?

It is not just recent poor planning and mismanagement that have landed us here.  Our system has been chronically mismanaged for a very long time now.  Yesterday I showed this plot comparing South Dakota and Alberta.

The plot shows absolute cases and not per capita cases.  I wanted to show the shape and the timing of infections is the same with or without arbitrary restrictions.  Being made unemployed by the government does not make you safe from the virus.  If I had done the plot per capita south Dakota would have been 4 times higher than Alberta.  South Dakota just went through a spike in infections 4 times larger than what is happening now in Alberta and somehow, they did not overwhelm their health care system.  If we have a world class health care system, the world must be a very small place.  We do not have to go very far to find a system that functions better.

Over the last 9 months every time Deena or Jason stepped up to the podium, they told us these 2 things.

  1. We have a world class health care system
  2. Our health care system is about to be overwhelmed by cold and flu season

It is not possible for both those statements to be true.  There is no way a world class health care system can be overwhelmed by a simple virus.  It is possible that both statements could be false.  Believing that the government could tell the truth 50% of the time is quite a stretch so both are likely false.

But this is not just a simple virus, right?  Isn’t Covid 1984 unprecedented in history?  I came across a plot that shows deaths due to all causes for Sweden for the last 170 years.  Have a look at the plot below.

Remember Sweden was hit quite hard in March and April of this year.  The Media and governments all over the world condemned Sweden for their poor covid response. The spring of 2020 is not that remarkable.  The spike is not even as large as the 1988 and 1993 flu seasons.  The Swedes were right, and the rest of the world was wrong.

Jason and Deena desperately want us to believe that they have no other choice.  But that is not true.  They could choose to treat this as any normal cold and flu season the same as Sweden did last year.  The demonic duo of Kenney and Hinshaw need to keep us afraid so that we are too worked up to ask the obvious questions.

  1. How can our health care system be overwhelmed by a virus that is nothing more than a bad flu year?
  2. How could you not know we would see a surge as winter approached?
  3. How could you be so ill prepared for what was the most predictable health event in the last 100 years?
  4. Why have we shut down our economy to handle a virus that has not overwhelmed other jurisdictions that got hit harder than we did?
  5. Why have you not found the time to read at least one of the 23 papers that concluded lockdowns do not work?
  6. Why should taxpayers pay either of your salaries?

The incompetence displayed by the demonic duo and the entire health bureaucracy in the province is staggering.  If our health system can function with these people in charge just think how well it could work without them.  We could improve our efficiency and decrease our costs by just eliminating all these salaries.  They all must go.  Prison might be the only appropriate recourse.