The Helping Hand of Government

COVID was not a problem until government made it a problem.  Every ridiculously unscientific thing our governments did made things worse and increased the death toll.  Initially I asked the question are politicians evil or are they just that stupid?  Eventually I came to the conclusion that the answer is both.  The politicians are stupid and the script writers are evil.

Unfortunately the script writers are not just evil they are also tireless.  There is no problem that they will not goad mental midgets like Jacinda Ardern in to making worse.

We are now suffering through the worst inflation in decades.  It was caused by the government response to COVID.  Supply chains were disrupted at the same time that governments handed out trillions under various COVID relief programs.  The money did not come from some rainy day fund; governments printed it.  The global supply of currency was increased dramatically over the last 2 years.  Government restricted the production and distribution of goods while dramatically increasing money supply.  There is absolutely no way this would not result in rampant inflation but don’t worry Jacinda has a solution.  She is going to print and hand out more money.

Apparently the solution to inflation is to make it worse with more money.  This is very similar to the COVID strategy except with COVID we make it worse with more vaccines.  I have been saying for more than a year now that the vaccines do not just kill, they also prolong the epidemic.  The vaccines affect people in 2 ways that have now been proven by researchers.

  1. If you get vaccinated after already having COVID the vaccine destroys your natural immunity. The Red Cross discovered this more than 1 year ago.
  2. If you get infected after being vaccinated the vaccine prevents your body from mounting a full immune response.

This is why governments keep pushing vaccines and boosters even for previously infected people.  The vaccines increase your chance of getting infected again.  This is why we are seeing vaccinated and boosted people who have had COVID multiple times.

COVID will never end as long as we keep vaccinating and inflation will not end as long as we keep printing money.  The two problems are symbiotic.  As long as we have COVID the scriptwriters can keep morons like Ardern restricting goods and printing money.

In March of 2020 if we had not lost our mind and recognized that COVID was just a bad flu it would be over now.  That is what the Mennonites in La Crete and the Amish in Pennsylvania did.


We still have COVID because we did not stand up and say no to government.  Now we have the added bonus of inflation.  Our cowardice caused both calamities and we are still sitting on our asses letting the government make both problems worse.  When your grandchildren are on their 5th booster and don’t have enough to eat will you finally have the courage to admit that it was all your fault?

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