The Madness of COVID Crowds

Madness is rare in individuals – but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule.

Friedrich Nietzsche

I Know many people who firmly believe that COVID is the Bubonic plague.  They hold on to this belief even though they do not know anyone who has died or gotten seriously ill.  They all have a story of a friend of a friend who was seriously ill.  When they recount this third hand brush with death, they describe all the symptoms of a common flu.  Not one of these people ever question why the worlds most deadly virus always turns out to be so benign.

Our governments with the help of their media evil minions, have convinced millions to ignore what they see with their own eyes.  You might think this would be difficult, but it is not.  It is way easier to control a crowd than it is to control an individual.  Ironically one of the ways to establish the control over a crowd is to isolate them as individuals.  This video does an excellent job of explain the madness we see around us now.


Notice the main tools for control are Fear, isolation, confusion, and incremental steps.  Does all of that seem very familiar to you?  I can think of several examples of how each one of these tools are being used now.

  • Fear
    1. Running totals of cases and deaths
    2. Constant news stories of people who have died and the threat of new variants.
    3. Government officials publicly wearing masks, expressing fear, and avoiding contact with others.
  • Isolation
    1. Work from home orders.
    2. Closing restaurants and bars.
    3. Bans on both outdoor and indoor gatherings.
    4. Travel bans and closed borders.
    5. Cancellation of sporting events and group fitness.
    6. Banning religious services.
  • Confusion
    1. Mask were not necessary now are the only thing keeping you alive.
    2. First you must not touch surfaces now surfaces are safe.
    3. Sunlight kills the virus, but it is not safe to be outside.
    4. It is safe to be in some stores and buildings but not others.
    5. If you test positive you must isolate. If you test negative, you still must isolate.
    6. You must get the vaccine to be safe. After you get the vaccine, you still must wear a mask and socially distance because it is not safe.
  • Incremental steps.

New restrictions are announced almost weekly much like how a python slowly squeezes.  This gets us to an end point that we would not have agreed to if it were initially proposed.  We have seen.

  1. 14 days to flatten the curve become 14 months of restrictions.
  2. Protecting the vulnerable becomes Vaccinating everyone including Children.

I have discussed at length how none of the restrictions have had any measurable affect on the spread of the virus.  More importantly we had no reason to believe that any of it would work.  This is an airborne virus.  It is too small for masks to stop and 6 feet is no safer than 600 feet.  The simple fact is that the restrictions were never designed to save you; they were designed to control you.

What is going on now is evil; plain and simple.  Evil thrives in darkness.  We need to build cracks where light can shine through.  As the video points out the best way to cause cracks is information and ridicule.  Something I have been trying to do for months now.  Please share information on this blog widely.  If you have new information, please post it in the comments and find other ways of distributing it.

I do not find all the information on this blog by myself.  A small group of friends and family help.  I am not alone.  Do not let the government continue to isolate you.  Meet with your friends.  Have a beer, share information, tell jokes about the self-important clowns in government.  This might not seem like much but trust me it is enormously powerful.  It is hard for Jason and Justin to appear tough when everyone is laughing at them.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Wow, Kudos for finding this excellent video. It is one of the best explanations I’ve seen explaining the madness around us. It also gives some practical solutions we can all use to fight the delusions and stay sane ourselves. The most important is to share sanity as far and wide as you can. Ridicule coupled with humor is powerful as it shows the madness for what it is in a disarming and less threatening way than attacking it head-on.

    What you are doing Richard is so powerful and important. Be assured that you are not the only sane person out there. Keep up the great work.


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