The media and Fake “Experts” will never let this go

The COVID media fear porn continues.   According to this “expert” now we even need to fear mild cases and the best way to avoid the sniffles is to shut down the economy again.  There is a small problem with his plan though.  Even the media is starting to notice that lockdowns do not work.

Things must be really bad if the New York post is getting this close to the actual truth.  This will never be over until we round up every one of these fake “experts” along with the corrupt journalists who broadcast this nonsense and get rid of them.  I vote we give them a rifle and drop them in the middle of the Ukraine.  They can explain to the Russians how dangerous a case of the sniffles can be.

Seriously all it takes to stop this is for us to stand up and say no.  A group of terminated employees filed a human rights complaint and the University of Toronto dropped their mandate.  Governments and corporation know what they are doing is illegal.  They only get away with it because we are letting them get away with it.  If we continue to roll over and accept this it will never end.  It is not and never has been about a virus.  This has always been about politicians and bureaucrats abusing power we never should have given them.