The only thing the Jabs do effectively is Kill

I found this new study on vaccine effectiveness.

The Researchers tried to correlate vaccination rates with new COVID infections.  If the vaccines work there should be lower infection rates in highly vaccinated countries.  At some point you should see the percentage necessary for herd immunity.  Countries that reach herd immunity levels should have near zero infection rates.  This is what the researchers found.


“At the country-level, there appears to be no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days (Fig. 1). In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.”


The translation is that the jabs do not work.  They actually make things worse.  The researchers found only marginal detrimental effects but this is misleading.  The missing element is time.  The jabs do provide some temporary benefit so it really depends on when you started the 2nd shots.  The more time it has been the worse it gets.

The Jabs kill therefore vaccine mandates kill, therefore people enforcing vaccine mandates kill.  There are murderers walking among us.  Lots of them.  The biggest murderers do not walk among us they are cloistered behind security our tax dollars are paying for.  So when do we stop paying?

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Great post as always. I would like to add that the findings are actually much worse (for vaccines) than the article states. The experiment is inherently skewed in favour of the vaccine by the nature of the different rate at which jabbed and unjabbed are tested for Covid. The jabbed are never randomly tested and most won’t go get tested if they have the sniffles. Many vaxxed Covid cases will be missed including asymptotic cases. In fact ALL of the asymptotic cases will be missed by definition. Whereas the unjabbed are forced to get tested much more often by their respective governments just so they can go to work or school. Guaranteed unvaxxed are tested more often than vaxxed. You will catch every symptomatic and many asymptomatic cases. When you scale this up to county and country level, even if the vaccines were placebos, the unvaxxed countries should do much worse because they would be preferentially catching more of the cases. But they don’t.

    These results are DAMNING to the vaccines. And that’s before adding all of the carnage they inflict on people. It’s inconceivable to me how they are even being allowed to be administered.

    When will people wake up?


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