The Political Elite do not Value Lives other than their Own

4 days ago I posted information from a recent Danish study that showed the adenovirus vaccines had overall better health outcomes than the mRNA vaccines.  Before you run out to get your J&J or AstraZeneca vaccine there are still a couple things to consider.  The Study looked only at deaths and did not consider permanent injuries.  Unfortunately the COVID vaccines don’t just kill they also maim, something this woman found out the hard way.


She took the safer AstraZeneca option and is now dealing with neurological damage.  Her injury happened more than a year ago and there has been no improvement.  She now manages a serious, permanent, health condition.  This was her reward for obeying government.

The other thing to consider is that the study was for a defined period of time in which COVID was still epidemic.  COVID is now endemic and has mutated in to less lethal variants.  With time COVID will claim fewer lives while the vaccines will continue kill at the same rate.  A significant percentage of people who suffered heart damage will surely die over the next few years.

Even if we stop vaccinating, people will continue to die from injuries suffered at the hands of government.  Ultimately government with their mandates will kill more people than the virus.  In the UK the vaccines are already killing more people than they save while the insurance industry in the US is facing bankruptcy from all the young people dying.

If vaccinations were suspended today historians could be kind and describe they entire COVID period as a colossal, tragic mistake.  The problem is that the elite have no intentions of stopping.  Too many people are making far too much money off the suffering of others.  COVID will not be remembered as a mistake because it was very much intentional.  A handful of people who lust for power and profit have killed and injured millions.  They know what they are doing and they just don’t care.