The Power of Extrapolation

I have been skeptical of the vaccines since the first roll out.  My skepticism was fueled by what I already knew about vaccines.

  1. Despite decades of research there has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine.
  2. There has never been a successful vaccine for any RNA virus.
  3. The mRNA vaccines had a perfect track record of failure in animal trials.

I just could not see how all of these obstacles could be overcome in a few short months when so many smart people had been stymied for so long.  I am not in a high risk group for COVID so I had no compelling reason to take a treatment that I was 90% sure would not work.  My decision was to wait and see what happens.

My plan was to wait a year and watch the data.   I have always been a data junkie and base my decisions on what the data says.  This puts me in stark contrast with most people who base their decisions on what the media and government tells them.  For the life of me, I will never understand why so many people follow the advice of proven liars.

My wife is not the data junkie that I am.  For the last year I have been showing her data and she was always skeptical of my analysis.  Every time I update or find new data I show her the trend that was always going the wrong direction.  My wife is not good at extrapolating trends she is more attuned to the here and now rather than a possible future.  She would always point out that she knew many people that had taken the vaccine and did not have a problem.

My wife is 100% correct many people have taken the jabs without any obvious ill effects.  That’s what makes the jabs so pernicious; some of the problems take a long time to develop.  That’s why it is so important to monitor the trends, something most people are not good at.  A year ago it was already obvious from the trends that these Jabs were not working and were harmful but it is a long road between the trend and the ultimate result.

We are now nearing the end of the road and people are starting to notice.  The Jabs have not worked as advertised.  People with multiple boosters are catching and dying from COVID more frequently than unvaccinated.  Less intelligent countries like Canada are still pushing the Jabs but much of the world is waking up.  For more than a year it has been taboo to say anything negative about the vaccines but that is changing.  Last night Tucker Carlson scorched the jabs in his opening monolog.


Also over the last couple of weeks Christine Anderson has given multiple interviews where she repeated the charge that COVID vaccines are the largest crime in history.  The trends told me that almost a year ago.

It is no longer necessary to extrapolate trends.  Almost everyone knows someone who has suffered a serious vaccine injury.  At this point anyone still advocating for these jabs is aiding and abetting the largest crime in history.