The Precautionary Principle facilitates Government Oppression

In this short Video an Oxford professor explains the inversion of the precautionary principle.  We employed lockdowns we knew were enormously harmful to stop a virus that might be harmful.


Anyone with an ounce of common sense knew that we should not have used lockdowns but almost every government did.  We were told that it was out of an abundance of caution yet they employed no such caution when it came to the damage from Lockdowns.  Acting on the abundance of caution or using the cautionary principle is the dominant theme in our modern world.  Too bad the precautionary principle is just another destructive invention of the left.

The media and modern governments have convinced people that the precautionary principle is some sort of scientific principle that must be applied to all situations.  This is just another government lie.  The precautionary principle has no place in science.  In fact it is contrary to the accepted principle of first do no harm.  The only branch of science that the precautionary principle belongs to is political science.

COVID is not the first time the precautionary principle has been invoked to steal your rights and wealth.  It has been justification for climate regulations for decades now.  People have been conditioned to accept that the “science is settled” and that you must endure hardship now to avoid a theoretical future calamity.  This is just another lie propped up with the fabricated precautionary principle.

To start with science is never settled.  300 years ago Sir Isaac Newton proposed that gravity was caused by mass.  250 years later Einstein proposed that gravity was a warp in space/time.  For 250 years the science of gravity was considered settled even though it was not.  It did not matter though because the science, while not settled, was repeatable and that is the more important consideration.

Newton developed a set of equations from his theory, using Einstein’s explanation results in the same equations.  These equations have been proven and engineers have been using them for hundreds of years.  That is the point, science may never be settled but once it is repeatable we call in engineering and we use it.  If the science of global warming was indeed settled it would be repeatable.  There would be a set of equations that would give the same answer every time and engineers would be using them to hold atmospheric CO2 concentrations at the optimum level.  Do you see a lot of climate engineers doing that right now?

A plot of model predictions vs actual temperatures clearly demonstrates that climate science is neither settled nor repeatable.

The various lines are from the various climate models.  If the science was really settled all the models would produce the same predictions and it would closely match the observed temperature.  They aren’t even close to each other yet alone close to reality.  The solution is to average all of the models and present that as the “settled science” even though the average (red line) has no bearing on reality.  Averaging 100 numbers spit out of 100 different random number generators does not somehow magically produce the correct answer.

Climate science is obviously not settled yet the precautionary principle is invoked to justify transferring your wealth to politically connected business that produce windmills and solar panels.  Our easy acceptance of junk climate science and the wholly manufactured precautionary principle paved the road to lockdowns.  Once again we allowed the government to damage our lives now to remove the threat of some future event that real science tells us is unlikely to ever happen.

The public accepts these absurdities because they are trusting and ignorant.  Trust seems to be intrinsic to humans.  Ignorance on the other hand is cultivated by the government and media.  The combination of trust and ignorance makes humans easily led sheep.  Our motivation to accept carbon taxes and lockdowns is our desire to be part of the herd, but what is the government’s motivation for imposing these destructive policies?  Well that is simple, our governments hate us.

I have stated many times we are at war with our own governments, most people are just unaware that it is happening.  They still think they are saving others and the planet.  If people ever woke up and considered the data the conclusion is inescapable.  Western governments are actively destroying western society.  Thankfully others are finally waking up to that reality.



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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    When WHO gets to determine health emergencies for all the participating countries the WHO will determine climate change as a health emergency and countries will remove freedoms and rights for a very long time.

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