The Skip the Dishes Line

Regular readers will know I often ask the same question.  Are you tired of this yet?  Really what I am asking is do you have a line in the sand?  Is there anything that the government can do that will make you say no more, I am done?

So do you have a line and has that line changed?  2 years ago if the government had told you that you can’t enter a restaurant without their consent that would have been over the line for everyone.  Today the majority dutifully produce their papers to prove they have the government’s permission to be in a restaurant.

If I worked for the government I would believe that there is no line I cannot cross.  I just needed to inch up to it and then watch people re-draw it further back.  The world does not end with a bang just a whimper in a fog of red chalk dust.

I ask this question again because I had an interesting and humorous meeting last week.  I met 2 people for coffee that I have not seen for a 3 years.  One of my coffee companions was a woman who can see the humor in everything.  She even laughs at her own naivety.  She laughs about her perfect record of predicting the end of the pandemic.  After every lockdown she is convinced it is over only to find she is 100% wrong.

True to form she is absolutely certain it is over.  I told her that I think we will be locked down before Christmas and that it will be harsher than any previous lockdown.  At that point the conversation steered to red lines.  She was willing to accept another lockdown on 2 conditions.  Daycares don’t get closed and skip the dishes is allowed to operate.  In her words “If I have to stay at home with my family and cook there will be violence”.  She was of course joking but the point she inadvertently made was no joke.  It is well past time for people, especially parents to draw a line in the sand.

By the time the vaccines started they were no longer necessary.  Doctors had already proven that with early treatment no one is at risk of dying from COVID-19.  Vaccinating people for a virus that is 100% survivable is an odd decision.  Vaccinating the entire world with an untried technology that was rushed through testing is insane.

The vaccines should have only been offered to high risk groups.  Instead they were forced on everyone.  Now they are being forced on children.  Parents need to decide where they draw the line.  It is time to stop accepting the government propaganda about vaccines and turn your brain back on.  Parents need to ask, if the vaccines are safe why the drug did companies need to falsify their trials?

Last week a whistle blower came forward to testify that there were so many adverse events in the Pfizer trials that they could not document all of them.  They stopped even trying.

Now this week stories are emerging that the Moderna trails were also gamed.  The researchers in the Moderna trial were diligently documenting adverse reactions only to have Moderna executives delete them from the data base.  The justification was that the adverse event was investigated and the vaccine was found to be not guilty.  Apparently they used the same jury that found OJ to be innocent.  Here is a case that Moderna decided was not caused by the vaccine.

Maddie De Garay was a perfectly healthy 13-year-old until her hopelessly deluded mother volunteered her for the Moderna trial.  Her life has now been ruined.  She is permanently disabled.

Parents need to step up and start protecting their children.  The lockdowns have already caused psychological damage to children.

Parents sat on the sidelines and watched government destroy their children’s mental health.  Do not let government now damage them physically.  The jabs are not necessary and they are not safe.  It is time to protect your children.




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  1. Berit MacDonald
    Berit MacDonald says:

    Man I would sure love to meet that woman, she sound hilarious and smart! She’s probably the picture of grace and humility as well… she kind? I bet she’s kind. I can only imagine she is an outstanding wife and mother.

  2. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    You have packed a lot in here. Thanks.

    I feel conflicted with the parents of children injured or killed by the toxic Covid jab. As a parent myself, I feel their grief having to see their child debilitated, dying or dead. But at the same time, I’m appalled by these parents shirking their sacred responsibility as a human being – to protect their vulnerable child from unnecessary danger. Especially those parents who signed up their child for a medical experiment. One where they inject a known toxic chemical (the vaccine is to teach your body to make Spike Protein which is toxic) that has no benefit for that age group (almost nobody under 18 has died of Covid) and large known real risks in the next older age group. They did it willingly. That’s like playing Russian Roulette with your child.

    I agree with the Irish lady in the video. I don’t believe most people would take a bullet for their child. Nay, apparently it’s rather the opposite.

    I don’t recognize the world around me.

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