The World owes a Debt to the Unvaccinated

A friend sent me these 2 videos yesterday.  The first video is Mark Steyn interviewing Dr. Clare Craig about recently released German data.  The data shows that 1 in 500 Germans have experienced a vaccine injury.  About 1/3 (1 in 1500) of the injuries were serious enough to require medical assistance.

The most interesting part of the video for me is the conversation at the end.  10s of thousands of Germans and millions worldwide have been injured by a vaccine that has not saved a single life.  There is no evidence that the vaccines prevent COVID deaths.  The infection fatality ratio and number of COVID deaths did not change after the introduction of the vaccines.  The COVID vaccines are all pain for no gain.


People are starting to accept what was obvious to the unvaccinated from day one.  It is not a good idea to give everyone on earth and experimental treatment for anything, let alone a virus that only kills ill elderly.  Studies like this one are making it very difficult for governments to continue with vaccine coercion.  Many governments are quietly moving away from vaccinations and we must understand this is not what they want.  If it was up to government we would all be on our 4th of 5th booster right now.  That was the plan but the plan was foiled by people who stubbornly refused to be vaccinated.

Governments all over the western world insisted on vaccinating everyone even children.  There was no medical reason for this.  Most people were not in danger from the virus and the vaccines did not prevent infection.  The incentive for the coercion was simply financial.  Vaccines have been a financial windfall for the pharmaceutical companies and everyone in their employ which includes much of the media and political elite.  All of the decision makers and influencers want vaccination programs to be permanent.  Imagine the profit from injecting everyone multiple times per year.

The fly in the ointment was all of the unvaccinated; they were not succumbing to either COVID or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.  Vaccinated people slowly recognized this and stopped showing up for boosters.  The superior healthy of unvaccinated people was increasing vaccine hesitancy among those the government was previously able to deceive.  If you are vaccinated and have decided not to take a booster it is time you consider thanking the unvaccinated.  You would not be allowed that choice if not for them.




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  1. Trevor+Boyce
    Trevor+Boyce says:

    There is a new study out looking at all-cause-mortality in the USA. It shows that excess deaths are worse after the vax program started than before. The all-age excess death rate is 23% since the vax program started and is continuing to increase in a linear fashion. Unfortunately the study does not compare the excess death rates between vaccinated and UNvaccinated people which would be the smoking gun.

    Also, the report shows a very high correlation between poverty and excess deaths but an inverse correlation with age. Read that one again – the excess death rates are higher for younger people than older people. Although Covid was blamed for killing elderly people, there were not that many excess deaths. Most of the elderly people who died, would have died from something else in that year.

    Read the paper here…

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