There are too few Adults in Canada

The government pandemic response was never about a virus it was always about control.  In short it was a small group of disgusting criminals doing disgusting things for their own benefit.  These people should never have been handed power yet almost every western country did hand them power.  In most countries the rot goes right to the top as it does in Canada.  It would be very difficult to find anyone more disgusting or least deserving of power than Justin Trudeau.  In this video the petulant man-child explains why it is crucial for Ukrainians to have freedoms that he denies to Canadians.


While in the Ukraine he also took time to let us know that he is unsafe around vaccinated people.

Or maybe that is safe to be around unvaccinated people as long as they are not Canadian.  The picture on the right is Trudeau in the Ukraine where almost no one is vaccinated, so he does not need a mask.  The picture on the left is Trudeau the next day in Canada where almost everyone is vaccinated, so a mask is essential.

Justin Trudeau is destined to be remembered as the worst mistake Canadians have ever made and he is just getting started.  His deal with Jagmeet allows him to stay in power long enough for the senate to pass bill C10.  Bill C-10 is an internet regulation bill.  Justin wants to censor people like me who point out that he is an unintelligent, willfully ignorant, narcissistic, perpetual adolescent.

Justin is not the only elected official desperate to conceal information of his crimes.  We are seeing similar behavior from all of the great reset crowd.  All of them are trying to convince us that we would be safer if they controlled the information just as we would be safer if they controlled COVID.  After 26 months of government control do you feel safer?  We do not need government to protect us from a virus or information.  People just need to grow up and turn on their bullshit detectors.


Bill Mahr is a hard core leftist and he lets his political bias show but he is not wrong about free speech.  A real adult is perfectly capable of dealing with speech; even speech that they do not agree with.  Just because our country is run by a child does not mean we must behave like children.