There is a Glimmer of Hope in Ontario

Since the Dawn of the first Trudeau Canada has been dysfunctional as a country.  Now it no longer seems to be a country at all.  Premiers in every province are using COVID as an excuse to establish isolated kingdoms in Canada.  Even as the impacts of the virus are decreasing, they are ramping up the fear rhetoric and consolidating control.

Up until now these demented megalomaniacs have been destroying the country with the full cooperation of the Bureaucracy.  The Prime Moron is even encouraging the premiers while they establish their kingdoms.  He truly is an idiot.  He does not seem to understand that you do not need a federal government once you know longer have a federation.

Finally, at least one part of the permanent bureaucracy has started to break ranks.  Police in Ontario are starting to stand down.


This is the most promising thing to happen in this country in the last 13 months.  The Tyrants cannot keep destroying the country without the cooperation of the police.  Every police force in this country needs to stand down.  Unfortunately, this has not happened yet.

The people of Ontario are witnessing a dramatic turnaround in their fortunes.  Not only are the police standing down but today they also got this good news.

Premier Doug Ford isolating after close staffer tests positive for COVID-19 – The Globe and Mail

With a little luck Dog Ford’s advanced obesity will turn him in to another COVID statistic.  The people of Ontario can only dream.