“They” want to Vaccinate You, Repeatedly

Here is another video by Dr. Yeadon, former Pfizer executive. Sorry I can’t embed it you need to follow the link to see it.




Dr. Yeadon makes some very interesting points.  2 of which I want to discuss today.  At around the 8 minute mark he discusses variants.  The SARS CoV-2 virus is not a variant of the original SARS CoV-1 virus.  It is a completely different coronavirus.  Even though they are 2 different viruses they are still very similar.  80% of their genome is the same.  The 20% difference is enough to make them 2 separate viruses but that is not how your body’s immune system sees them.  Researchers have found that people who were previously infected with the SARS CoV-1 virus are immune to the SARS CoV-2 virus.  20% is not enough to fool your immune system.

So what does this have to do with variants?  The variants are actually different versions of the original virus.  They are more than 99.7% the same.  If a 20% difference does not make any difference to your immune system why does 0.3%?  We are told ad nauseam that we need boosters because the vaccines were designed for the original virus not the variants.  That is why we see “breakthrough” infections.  Like everything else the government has told you about COVID, this is a lie.  Breakthrough infections are not proof you need a booster they are proof the vaccines don’t work.

The vaccines do not work.  Anyone paying attention knows that by now.  We also never needed them in the first place.  Anyone under the age of 70 is at a greater risk of dying from influenzas than of COVID.  For people truly at risk there are many treatments that work well and are readily available.  So why is there such a push to inject everyone on earth with a vaccine that is not needed and does not work?  That brings us to Dr. Yeadon’s second interesting point.

There is no benign reason for vaccine mandates.  Governments are not doing this because they are concerned about your health.  They are solely concern that there are too many of us.  There are many solutions to that perceived problem but they are all just different shades of murder.  A bullet would be the quickest solution but we would never line up for that.  We are, however, perfectly willing to line up for COVID vaccine boosters.

Dr. Yeadon finishes by lamenting that he fears he is just a voice in the wilderness.  His message does not reach enough people.  He has not been silenced because he is not a threat.  If he ever developed a large audience “they” would silence him.  Everything that is happening seems to be carefully choreographed.  There is someone or some group pulling strings and moving this along to the inevitable vaccine passports.  These shadowy people are the “they” that Dr. Yeadon mentions.

Every conspiracy theorist has an ill-defined “they”.  That is why so many people chose to look the other way.  It all sounds too James Bondish.  If you still can’t accept that “they” are using COVID as a smoke screen for something sinister consider this.  How many times have you heard Joe Biden say “they” told me not to take questions?  Don’t you wonder who tells the president of the USA what he can and can’t do?  Could it be “they”?

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