Time to Prove we are not Fools

I saw this headline this morning.

11 people “mysteriously” dropped dead in Italy in a single day.  This is of course not a mystery to anyone who is not an idiot.  You will never hear me argue that government is not stocked full of idiots but even they know what is causing this.  It is not a coincidence now that children are getting vaccinated child blood thinners get approved and defibrillators get place in elementary schools.

The media is still helping government hide what is going on.  The guardian article justifies the defibrillators by letting us know a child died of a heart attack 12 years ago at a school event.  So a single death 12 years ago is the reason to put a defibrillator in every elementary school ASAP.  That is if 12 years later can be considered ASAP.  The Media think we are fools and we have given them no reason to believe otherwise.  What kind of a parent gives their child an experimental vaccine for a disease that poses no threat to their child?  We may as all wear kick me signs on our backs.

COVID deaths are still low but they are rising slowly in many countries.  It could be a statistical blip or recording issue but Canada is showing higher COVID deaths in July than we had in the peak of winter.  Canada and other northern countries should have no COVID deaths in the summer.  The sudden deaths and off season COVID deaths are all really vaccine deaths.  Had we done nothing in March 2020 COVID would be over and none of this would have happened.  Instead governments, true to form, blundered in and made it worse.

Random testing has returned to Canadian airports and mask mandates are back in Los Angeles.  The COVID restrictions are slowly returning because no one in government is smart enough to learn from their past mistakes.  Will we be foolish enough to play along with this madness again?

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Just typed “sudden adult death syndrome” into a search engine and every article that came up on the first page was a “fact check” that SADS was not related to covid vaccines. I did not type in Covid or vaccines.

    Remember when the fact checkers said you would not get covid after getting your covid vaccine? Safe and effective.

  2. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    The bombers in WW2 had a saying. You know you are over the target when you are getting flak. When media and government rush to give you hell and say “it’s not the vaccine”, you can be certain that they know THAT is precisely what it is.

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