Tyrants don’t need Tanks to kill citizens

The New Zealand High Court has ruled that Jacinda’s Vaccine mandate is illegal, that it is a gross violation of human rights.  The sad reality is that Jacinda Ardern has not done anything in the last 2 years that was not a gross violation of Human rights.


Did it take a war in Europe to remind the New Zealand courts that Tyrants need to be stopped before the killing escalates or was it just the latest vaccine report?


The plot below is from the linked article.  In January Vaccinated people were twice as likely at unvaccinated to get COVID; by February they were almost 4 times as likely.

It appears that as the vaccine wanes the person’s immune system is left compromised and less able to fight infection.  Is there weakened immune system permanent?  No one knows and that is the scary part.  If this trend continues millions of people could die indirectly from the vaccine.  Jacinda and Justin’s mandates are not just gross violations of human rights, they are government sanctioned murder.




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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Population control. Trying to convince humans to stop reproducing wasn’t working fast enough.

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