Vaccine Excuses are as plentiful as Vaccine Injuries

Vaccine injuries are becoming so common that they can no longer be ignored.  In a sane world the vaccination programs would stop.  In our Killer COVID clown world we just make excuses and keep on vaccinating.

One tactic is to blame the side effects on COVID.  Here is a news article explaining what a remarkable coincidence it is that so many people get COVID right after vaccination.

I really don’t understand the logic to that argument.  In order to deflect blame from the vaccine you blame the disease that the vaccine was supposed to prevent?  Neither side of that argument makes the vaccines look good.

One potentially lethal vaccine injury getting a lot of attention right now is heart inflammation; myocarditis and pericarditis.  It has become so common that it demands the full attention of the rapid excuse deployment squad.  Right now they are using a 2 pronged attack.  Attack one is one convince us the risk of Myocarditis is higher from infection than the vaccine.

The second line of excuses is to let us know that the myocarditis from the vaccines is very mild.

I am pretty sure you can’t find a cardiologist that will tell you that heart inflammation is not serious, but that is not my only problem with this obvious propaganda.  If myocarditis is both more severe and more prevalent from infection how come we heard nothing about it until the vaccinations started?  How come we did not see an increase in heat attacks in 2020 when millions of unvaccinated people were infected with COVID?  Why did Heart attacks only start increasing in the UK after the vaccination programs began?

If we are supposed to believe that myocarditis is not a problem for children then why have nearly twice as many children died in the UK this year compared to last?

It is an enormous lie that you can lower your risk from myocarditis by being vaccinated.  The data just does not support that dangerous statement.  Again you do not need to take my word for it.  Why not listen to one of the most prominent cardiologist in the world.


If the vaccines were not dangerous excuses and mandates would not be necessary.  The Jabs represent profit to the pharmaceutical companies and control to the government.  Your health is not a consideration in that equation.  Unfortunately that is something most people will need to learn the hard way.


The vaccines are a weapon and we are at war with our government.  How many more people need to die before everyone understands this?

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