Vaccine Mandates are a Struggle we must win to Survive

Critical thinking is endemic in my family.  I have family members who send me interesting material all the time.  This video came to me from my sister in law.  The video is Dr. Christina Parks addressing some government body in Michigan.  Dr. Parks has a PHD in Microbiology and a definite distain for vaccine mandates.


Dr. Parks makes some very good points.

  1. Flu Vaccines are also prone to Antibodies Dependent Enhancement (ADE).


At first Flu Vaccines do lessen symptoms.  Over time they actually make it worse.  Does that sound Familiar?  When the COVID vaccines started initial data showed them to be effective.  With time the effectiveness waned and ADE set in.  Now they are making it worse.  Vaccinated people are now over represented in hospital admissions and deaths.


Of course this is not what you here on the nightly news.  They can always find an “expert” to claim that unvaccinated are getting sick and dying more than Vaccinated.  To bolster this claim they use a little mathematic sleight of hand.  They average case and death data from the start of vaccinations in January.  Because the Vaccines work at first, and there were more cases in the winter, averaging everything makes the vaccine appear effective.  If you look at data month by month the decline in protection and the advent of ADE is clear.


The Government wants to cover up this problem with Boosters.  Just days ago I mused that more of the chemicals that caused the problem is not a good idea.  It turns out I was 100% correct.  As Dr. Parks points out, with flu vaccines the more you take them the worse the ADE gets.  A sane society would stop using vaccines that make things worse with time.  We have not done that with Influenzas, we won’t do it with COVID either.


  1. Non Sterilizing Vaccines cause variants and increasing infections.


That’s why everyone is getting vaccinated to increase infections right?  The new whooping cough vaccines function like the COVID vaccines.  They do not prevent infection just lessen symptoms.  This has resulted in asymptomatic transmission.  That should make Anthony Fauci very happy indeed.  For 18 months he has been searching for the asymptomatic transmission unicorn.  I guess he got tired of searching so he went into the lab and created millions.


In the absence of these treatments asymptomatic transfer is nonexistent.  Asymptomatic people had viral loads way too low to be a problem.  Now with the COVID vaccines asymptomatic people can have very high viral loads.  High enough to make them dangerous to other people.  The vaccinated are a danger to the unvaccinated, not the other way around.


Clearly the Vaccines are making things worse not better.  There is no way that governments did not know that this would happen.  As Dr. Park points out this science is well established and has been known for years.  Governments are actively damaging the health of ordinary people with COVID vaccines.

Dr. Park is both Black and a PHD.  The two groups least likely to take the vaccine.  PHD’s understand the nature of the vaccine and Blacks understand the nature of government.  American Blacks have a well-earned distrust of government.  As a result they have been way ahead of the curve when it comes to all things COVID.  After all, this is not about a virus and Black people know that.

In Canada the situation is very different.  The Majority is lily white and blissfully unaware that the government is their enemy.  Canadians are in the middle of a federal election campaign.  Every major political party is advocating for vaccine mandates.  Vaccine mandates clearly violate Canadian law but Canadian politicians and courts have been ignoring the law for decades now.

The video below is the current Prime minister describing how his vaccine mandate will work.


The moronic Man-child plans to bribe provincial Premiers to do the dirty work.  At least his handlers are not stupid.  Why pull the trigger when you can contract it out.  The other party leaders are no better.  They are all flying around the country to explain how the details of their mandate are somehow better than the others guys.

It all comes down to splitting hairs but the end result is the same.  There is only so much Nuance possible when it comes to government sanctioned mass murder.