Vaccine Risk/Reward does not work for any age group

5 days ago Steve Kirsch revealed a leaked report commissioned by the liberal party of Canada.  The Trudeau liberals commissioned a team of statisticians to look at Ontario COVID data to determine vaccine effectiveness; this is what they found.

  • There is no benefit to vaccinating people under 60. The vaccines do not prevent either hospitalization or death.
  • The benefit to people in their 60s is marginal. Most of the benefit was seen in people older than 70.
  • Women of child bearing age suffer vaccine injuries far more frequently than any other group.

Frankly I am not surprised by these findings.  I have been saying the same thing on this blog for over a year.  COVID is a disease of ill elderly people.  If you are not ill and elderly the vaccines don’t offer you anything your innate immune system doesn’t already give you.  This is how the report authors characterized the risk of COVID.

COVID-19 is a disease of the elderly and immunocompromised and that this demographic had the most to gain from vaccination despite the risk of potential adverse events.

Vaccines should have been reserved for high risk groups only.  Something I have advocated for since the start of these ridiculous programs.  This report really adds nothing new to the debate but it certainly brings up some very interesting points and political questions.

  • The liberals have had this report for 2 months without publishing it or changing their policies. Had the report not been leaked it is doubtful this information would ever have been made public.
  • All of the data used by the statisticians was publicly available. I have been using it for months.  Why have no opposition parties commissioned their own reports?  Unfortunately I think we all know the answer.  Every political party in Canada supports mandatory vaccination.  Only the Trudeau liberals would be foolish enough to commission a report documenting what we all know to be true.  The COVID vaccines are worse than useless.
  • The people studiously following the science are somehow doing that while ignoring all of the science. The researchers point out there is a lot of available science and governments are using none of it.  They recommend that it might now be time to look at the science.

The wealth of scientific literature be reviewed and monitored on an on-going basis to substantiate or challenge COVID-19 vaccination data findings.

This report is a damning indictment of Canada’s COVID vaccination policies; no wonder the Liberals tried to bury it.  Despite how bad this report is, the incredible thing is it still makes the vaccines look better than they are.  By focusing narrowly on COVID they are avoiding the elephant in the room; all of the excess deaths since the start of vaccinations.

I have discussed many times how these vaccines work.  They provide temporary partial protection so theoretically if administered at the right time they can reduce COVID fatalities for high risk individuals.  Unfortunately that is not all that these jabs do.  The host of vaccine injuries also produces high numbers of excess deaths.  When only COVID is considered the vaccine appear to benefit seniors.  When all-cause mortality is considered they do not.  The plots below are from Euromomo.  With vaccines seniors in Europe are dying in higher numbers than they did during the pandemic.

2022 deaths are in light blue, 2021 is dark blue, and 2020 is grey.  If the vaccines are helping seniors why is 2022 at the top of both charts?

The vaccine narrative is changing because the data is that bad and getting worse.  In every age group the vaccines do more harm than good; so why are we still pushing them on children?


What our government is doing is indefensible.  They can’t even claim ignorance any more.

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    Ah yes Toronto, led by establishment conservative hack John “Red” Tory. Tory is yet another whore to big pharma and a criminal.

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