Vaccines and Baby Formula, 2 different Profit Margins, 2 Different Results

The wealthiest country the world in history has run out of Baby formula.  There are only 3 plants in the United States that produce baby formula.  One of them run by Abbott Nutrition was shut down by the FDA in February because 4 infants became ill.  The plant is still waiting on FDA approval to re-open.  It is worth noting that a whistle blower contact the FDA in October 2021 and the FDA took no action until Abbott voluntarily recalled some of their product.

For 3 months the FDA had reason to believe infants were being put at risk and they did nothing.  With the factory closure infants have also been at risk yet nothing has been done.  Even after another 3 months the company and the FDA have not found a way to make this factory compliant.  There seems to be no urgency to feeding infants in America.

So the FDA did not care if infants were at risk of illness before and they now don’t care if infants face starvation.  When it comes to infants the FDA does not care if they live or die.  Why is that?  Does the FDA’s ambivalence towards life always result in such a dysfunctional process?  It certainly didn’t when it came to the vaccines.

In 6 months the FDA has done nothing to address the baby formula shortage but it took them only 2 months to give emergency approve to 4 experimental vaccines.  Don’t staving babies constitute and emergency?  For baby formula the FDA is following every protocol.  Dotting every I and Crossing every T.  For the COVID vaccines all the rules were thrown out.  Pfizer got approved despite not following up on 85% of the suspected cases and having more deaths with vaccines than placebos.  Now we find out Moderna’s data was no better.  The caption below is from the linked article.


“The original Moderna clinical trial data, which should have been available to regulatory agencies at least since the Moderna package was presented for licensure, reveals that while 93% of unvaccinated controls produced the SARS-CoV-2 anti-nucleocapsid antibody after infection, only 40% of the vaccinated produced this antibody at detectable levels after infection.


That is doctor speech for natural infection produces a normal immune response 93% of the time.  Infection after a Moderna jab produces a normal immune response only 40% of the time.  Moderna’s own data shows their jab suppresses immune system response.

Operation warp speed applies to experimental vaccines but does not apply to proven industrial processes that just happen to keep babies alive.  Both problems pose a significant health risk to a large demographic.  COVID to seniors, baby formula to infants.  Why is there such a disparity between the 2 issues?  I think the headline from the linked Fortune article says it all.

America is running out of baby formula because 3 companies control the market and babies aren’t that profitable

The FDA really is unconcerned about human life.  It is all about the Benjamins.  The profit margins in COVID vaccines are absurd while Baby formula margins are slim.  Read in to this what you want but I know what this tells me.  No one at the FDA is getting rich off baby formula.  I can’t say that about COVID vaccines.