Vaccines and Boosters are a Treadmill

The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK publishes a weekly vaccine surveillance report.  The week 42 (Oct 21st) report quietly dropped a bombshell.

“recent observations from UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) surveillance data that N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination”

You are probably thinking to yourself what the hell does that mean and how is it a bombshell?  I must admit that was my reaction when I first saw a blogger point this out a week ago.  I did not print anything about it because I also failed to see the significance.

A week ago I tried to figure out why others thought this was important.  I found the report but the language in the report is so dense it is nearly incomprehensible.  I had to read the report several times to even find the offending passage.  The overuse of medical jargon and poor wording is, of course, intentional.  The NHS does not want to be accused of lying so they need to obscure the truth by making it nearly unintelligible.

This morning I took the time to follow some links and figure out what they were saying.  First here is the paper they pulled the information from.

The authors were clearer with their observations.

“We found a statistically significant reduction in geometric mean N antibody level following both single dose and full vaccination for both Alpha and Delta infections”.

The researchers found that people who had been infected and then got vaccinated, or who had gotten infected after vaccination, had lower N antibodies than people who had been infected and were not vaccinated.  The vaccines are destroying part of the natural immunity that you gained from infection.

I had to look up what an N antibody was.  It is the antibody that attacks the nucleocapsid part of the virus.  The nucleocapsid is the protein coating the virus’s RNA sequence.  Here is a picture that might help.

When the vaccine debate started I researched how the immune system works.  I found that your body does not just produce one antibody for a virus.  It produces multiple specialized antibodies, one for each part of the virus.  The antibodies basically rip the virus to pieces and each different antibody gets rid of the piece it was designed to attack.

There was no mention about how one antibody was more important than the other but the RNA sequence is the essence of the virus.  I would think that makes the N antibodies top dog.  They are the antibodies that get to the heart of the matter so to speak.

This is a severe weakness of mRNA Vaccines.  Not only do they not provoke a T cell response they produce only a very specific antibody response.  You only get Antibodies that attack the spike protein.  mRNA critics point out conditioning your body to only respond to the spike protein is a fatal flaw.  With a complete antibody response if part of the virus changes it really does not matter.  The other antibodies still get in there and rip it up.  With the COVID jabs the only thing that needs to change to avoid the vaccine is the spike protein.  Can you spell “delta variant”?

We now have lab data that proves the COVID jabs suppress T cells and N antibodies.  You do not have lasting immunity without them.  The COVID Jabs and boosters are a merry go round.  They do not prevent infection.  When you finally get infected your natural immunity is destroyed by the next booster.  This makes you susceptible to the virus again.  It is a never ending cycle of boosters followed by re-infection.

People who trust government will get COVID multiple times.  The government will use these re-infections as proof that the boosters are necessary.  The reality is that boosters are the cause not the cure.  The COVID vaccines are a perfect government program they promise to solve a problem caused by government by perpetuating the problem.

If you have been vaccinated it is time to step off the treadmill.  Say no to the boosters.