Vitamin D, the only COVID Vaccine Without Side Effects.

I have posted a lot of information on vitamin D in the past.  Early in the COVID cycle doctors found vitamin D deficiency was the most important comorbidity.  Since then a lot of research has been done on vitamin D and it all confirms that proper vitamin D level offers effective protection against COVID.

A few days ago one of my helpful readers sent me the great article summarizing the current science on vitamin D.  It is the most comprehensive article on Vitamin D I have found.

Vitamin D like other effective treatments has been shunned in favor of expensive and experimental treatments.  Treatments that until September 2021 did not even meet the definition of a vaccine because they did not provide immunity.  The definition of a vaccine had to be changed after too many people noticed that the COVID Jabs were not vaccines.

Until August 26th of 2021 this is how the CDC defined vaccines.

Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease

Then on September 1st 2021 the definition of a vaccine was changed to this.

Vaccine: A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases. 

I normally object to the left constantly re-defining words to fit their latest stupid idea but in this case I like the new definition.  Vitamin D significantly lowers both chance and severity of infection.  It does this as well as any of the COVID jabs.  In other words it is a preparation that stimulates the body’s immune response against disease.   By the new definition of Vaccine, vitamin D is definitely a vaccine.  A highly effective one at that, and with absolutely no side effects.  No blood clots, heart attacks, neurological disorders or still births.

By re-defining vaccines to support the Jab narrative the left has inadvertently turned vitamin D into a vaccine.  The most effective vaccine available against COVID.  I vaccinate myself every morning.  Now I just need to convince my pharmacist to update my vaccine passport every time I purchase a new bottle.

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