Wake up and smell the Obvious

Even when the Media does not hide the truth they still find a way to skew it.  This New York Times columnist makes 2 very important observations.  More seniors died of Omicron than Delta


And in 2021 younger people began to die from COVID more frequently.

 “In 2021, you see the mortality impact of the pandemic shift younger,” said Ridhi Kashyap, a lead author of that study and a demographer at the University of Oxford.

Of course the answer is boosters; the answer is always more boosters.  It is hard to tell if this Times reporter is cognitively impaired or just a good foot soldier march towards the great reset and depopulation.  In the event that he is just stupid I will re-phrase his findings for him in a way he might understand.

  1. After vaccinating nearly 100% of all seniors, more of them died to a milder version of the virus.
  2. Prior to vaccinations younger people were not dying from this virus.

It should be apparent by now that the vaccines made things worse not better.  More of something that simple did not work is a waste of time.  More of something that makes things worse is incredibly stupid.  Unfortunately politicians specialize in incredibly stupid.  The EU is already planning a return of boosters and digital vaccination records.

This is not over and it definitely is not about a virus.