We are at a Crossroads and the Police will determine which Path we take

Omicron is rapidly changing the COVID narrative.  It is not just unaffected by the vaccines, it seems to preferentially infect vaccinated people.  Data from multiple countries now show negative vaccine efficacy.  That alone should be reason enough to suspend the vaccine programs, passports, and mandates.  There is however something even more important that we should not forget; omicron is nothing more than the common cold.

In previous COVID outbreaks 2 weeks after infections start to rise hospitalizations and deaths start to rise.  That is not happening with omicron.  The data below is from the province of Alberta.

The green lines are the peak of each outbreak.  The red lines are the peak of hospitalizations and deaths.  You can see that peek hospitalizations and deaths occur roughly at the same time 2 weeks after the peak infections.  The omicron outbreak started 4 weeks ago that means 2 weeks ago we should have seen hospitalizations and deaths start to rise.  That is true for hospitalizations but this time deaths have remained flat.  The fact that we have so many people in hospital and no one is dying tells me most of these people are in hospital for other reasons and also happen to have COVID.

COVID has never constituted an emergency.  It started as a bad seasonal flu and in 2 years has mutated in to the common cold.  A cold that is so transmissible that 90% of the unvaccinated have already been exposed and have antibodies.


There has never been a rational argument for mass vaccinations.  Now there is no argument for vaccinations.  No one is dying and the few people who have not been exposed will be more likely to get sick if they take the vaccine.

The virus is no longer a threat and the vaccines which have always failed in the lab have now failed outside the lab.  This should be the end of the COVID road, instead we seem to be at a cross roads.  Some governments are looking for an out and backing down.  Japan, Germany, and Spain have all either rejected or softened their stance on vaccine mandates.  It is only the real sociopaths like Canadian, Australian, and Austrian politicians who are doubling down on the failed vaccines.

The amoral psychopaths in these countries like Quebec’s premier will have a fight on their hands if they continue their murderous ways.


Right now these evil bastards are smug because the police have been willing to bust heads for them.  What happens when the police start to get cold feet?  We might be seeing the first signs of that in Austria.


The police don’t want a vaccine mandate because they know there will be violence.  Police officers are becoming uncomfortable with brutalizing citizens over the common cold.

Some will dismiss this because it did not come from the police union.  The Union has not and likely will not take a stance opposing the government.  But that does not mean their members agree.  Officially unions protect workers’ rights, unofficially they do just enough to expand their base.  More union members means more union dues and higher salaries for the union leadership.  Unions are just another level of government that workers are forced to pay taxes to, and all forms of government are corrupt.

Unions exist where government legislation makes it easy for them to exist.  The government can change those rules at any time and the union leadership are well aware of this.  The senior union leadership know their high paying positions can disappear if they oppose the government on the wrong issue.  If the union leadership has to choose between their members and their own salaries they will side with the government every time.

Union leadership will not help.  We have already seen that in Calgary where the police and firefighters union did nothing to protect unvaccinated members.  That does not mean that the union members are on board.  We are at a crossroads and the path we take will depend on the police.  Not the decisions of the union but the individual decisions of the union members.  Police officers can stand down and we can go back to normal or they can charge in swinging their batons.  The next few weeks in Canada will determine how far in to tyranny we slide.